Thomas Weisel ups Apple price target to $225

Thomas Weisel analyst Doug Reid today raised his Aple Inc. (AAPL) price target from $195 to $225 per share.

In a note to clients, Reid said as Apple’s competitors focus on the low-end of the PC market, Apple looks to be accelerating in notebooks with MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air products, along with gains in the high-end desktop market.

The analyst also expects Apple sell as many as 16.5 million iPhones in 2009 as Apple adds many new international markets and carriers.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Larry” for the heads up.]


  1. I had to laugh at the reasoning behind Thomas Weisel target price. Basically Apple sells upper end products, notebook sales are good and Apple will sell lots of iPhones.

    So what… did he just figure this out?

  2. Remember with everyone having a computer phone for $399 or so, with 3D gaming going specifically on consoles lately, not many people will need a laptop or a desktop anymore.

    This translates in lower Mac and iPod sales as the convergance goes on and on.

    Apple’s fight will be in the cell phone market where competition is fierce and controlled by the carriers.

    The future isn’t all that bright folks. Just look at the MacBook Air, short on features…

  3. Hey, Mad Mac . . .

    Put your money where you mouth is and short the crap out of AAPL. It’s really easy (child’s play, in fact) to predict a coming meltdown for any equity, but only those with real cojones match action with theory.

    Got some, MMM? Let’s see YOU get rich (as most of us already have, staying long) when AAPL reaches $110 again. Got the guts? Then put ’em on the table.

    *** And, oh . . . the MacBook Air is DELIBERATELY “short on features,” you troll, or don’t you understand true portability for professionals on the go? You want FEATURES? Get the 17″ MacBook Pro; it can do ANYTHING . . . and a crap load better than any OS-crippled PC.


    Means it’s purely emotional, like you. It’s not like Mac users turn over their hardware every year like PC losers.

    APPL needs NEW users, and there are only so many that can afford them.

    It’s really only worth $120 a share, don’t believe me?

    Just look at the roller coaster of the longer charts.

    225? Keep dreaming. It’s a media attempt to play the suckers into buying a falling stock.

    I’m rolling in cash today! drop $7 APPL so I can buy some DELL.

    Cheap computers is what buisness people buy because EMPLOYEEES STEAL MAC’s.

    Dirty little secret why enterprise don’t buy Mac’s.

    I still like them for person use and yes I got a Mac Pro 15″ right now. Great machine. Just not for rank and file employees to steal from me.

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