Report: ‘gPhone’ delayed until 2009

“According to a source familiar with the situation, although a large number of people are hard at work on the Gphone and the open-source operating system/platform for mobile devices (Android) the actual Gphone will not be ready for release this year,” Gary Krakow reports for TheStreet.

“The source would not speculate on the possibility that other devices that might run on variants of Android would be ready in time for the Christmas shopping season, nor would the source elaborate on exact reasons for the delay or a possible release date for the Gphone or various Android variants,” Krakow reports.

Full article here.


  1. G phone? gphone?? Does it hit the spot? or does it go to pot??? I would have expected that for someone who has a seat on Apple’s board, that someone would be borrowing the whole tree and not just a leaf would be practising some of said companies marketing philosophy……ie say what you have to you say when you are in a position to backup what you are saying with hard evidence…or in this case hardware not vapourware…….

    Just goes to show that having shed loads of cash and a good brain does endow one with the mythical powers of disruptive marketing.

  2. Apple spent at least two years on the iPhone before announcing it. Google’s only had about a year so far. In early 2009, it will have been 2 years since the announcement of the iPhone, so it had better top the 2009 version of the iPhone by a wide margin, or it will be just another also ran.

  3. What I find interesting is that Open Source software development is supposed to be faster. This is another example that proves that it is not. I am not saying that Open Source does not have it’s place. It is just not the magic little pill that people want you to believe it is.

    Oh, and the cake is a lie too.

  4. Gphone suffers from the same hype that makes Java and Linux popular but real development and adoption roadblocks keep them from taking over the world. Google is only interested in giving away the mobile OS to as many handset carriers that want them, but who has the time to test Android on every handset to make sure it runs better than other mobile OS/platform combo? I’m thinking this may have about as much success as Ubuntu Linux.

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