Three barriers holding up Apple TV

“Compared to the high profile sales of iPhones, iPods, and Mac computers, shipments of Apple TV are barely registering. Pundits present rival media boxes as potential “Apple TV killers,” but the entire market segment seems to have little life in it yet. Here’s what’s holding the market for downloadable videos back, leading up to what Apple can do to shake up the market and why it is unique in being able to disrupt how the world watches video,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

“Despite its advantages of being linked to iTunes and the iPod, Apple TV faces three difficult barriers that also affect every other comparable device on the market, including several products that have already failed while trying to sell movie downloads through a set top box,” Dilger writes.

• Lower quality downloads don’t look very good on HDTV sets.
• Studios want DVD-like profits from higher quality downloads.
• Video downloads are big, and require fast network access to deliver.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Hairy has a new 42″ tv and 160 Gig Apple TV, just came back from Vietnam with his digital pictures and movies. The display of pictures on the tv via the Apple TV impressed Hairy’s dinner guests no end…PC people couldn’t get over the way the pictures display on their own at random.
    To-day Hairy went to the library and selected ten DVDs. No charge, except in municipal taxes. Hairy has the Apple TV for his home movies, pictures, and itunes collection and the convenience of using the Apple remote instead of those multi-button remotes that come with tv sets and cable boxes….Hairy can’t live without his Apple TV, and this is just after two weeks.

  2. TV video looks great. Standard or HD video on a 52in HDTV. Only the very first videos that iTunes offered were substandard.

    I agree with the fact that movie studios want too much money, but movie rentals help alot. TV shows are fairly expensive, since we rarely want to watch them over and over. Compared to cable or even Netflix.

    Most people have Broadband these days. And most Broadband is fast enough. 3.0 or faster…

  3. i think there is only one reason holding it back, which is content. i have a pretty average 6Mb dsl flatrate here in germany (30 euros a month) and movies rented from the store start after roughly 30 seconds. quality is like dvd on my 42″ plasma, no issus here. the only reason i more often go to the local store to rent movies is having no selection in german and having only a small selection on the U.S. store. so again: it’s only the movie studios being afraid of the paradigm shift. as long as they hold back the content the apple tv won’t fly.

  4. I own an appleTV and love it. The quality of video and audio are excellent. I’m running it on a 42″ LCD at 720p w/ home theater audio setup. I would have to say that the only opinion that makes sense is that:
    “Studios want DVD-like profits from higher quality downloads.”

  5. I want AppleTV but I have older TV set and ATV will not work with it.
    Other than that, I would love to have it for pics, music and home vids, no rentals necessary.

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