Macy’s dumps Microsoft Access for Apple’s FileMaker Pro 9 to manage Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Easy-to-use FileMaker Pro Database as low as $179FileMaker Pro 9 has been selected by Macy’s Parade & Entertainment Group as the database software platform to manage the information system for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. FileMaker Pro, the best-selling easy-to-use database software, will be used by the Macy’s Parade & Entertainment Group to manage the myriad of information on the people, including the thousands of volunteers, and logistics required to ensure the smooth flow of all the magnificent helium balloons, floats, singers, dancers, performers and celebrities along the streets of New York City into Herald Square.

“With more than 5,000 people potentially participating in this year’s parade, our new FileMaker Pro 9 databases will bring together all the required functions for the parade into one manageable, networked solution,” said Robin Hall, senior vice president, Macy’s Parade & Entertainment Group, in the press release.

Before FileMaker Pro was deployed, the database for the parade was originally built in Microsoft Access and its operation required programming knowledge beyond the basic consumer level. This caused delays and resulted in the need to export all work from Microsoft Access queries into Microsoft Excel documents to find specific information in a user-friendly manner.

MacDailyNews Take: Dumping Microsoft’s Access for FIleMaker Pro 9 is the equivalent of dumping Bea Arthur for Evangeline Lilly. Congrats, Macy’s! Niiice upgrade!

“With our new FileMaker database system, time-consuming tasks such as assigning volunteers parade responsibilities have been reduced from about 10 days to just one or two days, and more important, we can better meet the needs and specifications of each individual, group and staff member,” said Hall in the press release.

Future expansion of the Macy’s Parade database will involve Web-published content, including online registration for volunteer participation in the parade.

FileMaker Inc. develops award-winning database software. Its products include the legendary FileMaker Pro product line for Mac, Windows, and the Web, as well as the new Bento personal database for Mac. FileMaker Pro won 49 awards, more than its next eight competitors combined, in the past five years in the U.S. and a total of 130 awards worldwide during this time. Millions of customers, from individuals to large organizations, rely on FileMaker Inc. software to manage, analyze and share information. FileMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.


  1. @MDN That’s a pretty mean shot at Bea Arthur especially considering she bedded Leslie Nielsen in the series Golden Girls series finale.

    Did I just reveal waaaaay to much information about my 80s TV viewing habits?

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