VistaPerfection released, Windows Vista theme for Apple iPhone

VistaPerfection 2.0 by Spec-Works is a theme that allows users to “re-skin” their jailbroken Apple iPhones in Microsoft Vista style.

According to Spec-Works, VistaPerfection 2.0 features:
• Over 90 Icons
• More Better And Sharper Dock Icons
• Wifi Icon
• Boot And Restore Images
• More Dock Icons (Text,Installer,..Ect..)
• Categories Icons
• Badges
• Sliders
• Edge Icon
• Vista Login/LogOff (Unlock/Lock) Sound Scheme
• Dock
• Status Bar
• Revamped TaskBar
• LockScreen Wallpaper
• Highlight Mask
• Bottom Bar

More info, download link, and images via ModMyiFone here.

Next up from Spec-Works:
• Paint your own BMW. With a brush.
• Fun with Collages: Ed Asner’s head on Marissa Miller’s body. And vice versa!
• House training your dog (and changing your car’s oil) with the Mona Lisa.

Feel free to add your own. We think we’re gonna be sick.


  1. Do they have direct links to the dancing monkey video?

    Again, people are trying to make Microsoft part of innovative cutting edge technology. I would be very uncomfortable with anything Microsoft in my iPhone. Haven’t they done enough damage to the PC industry?

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