Airlines queue up to offer Apple iPod music and video integration

“Airlines are queuing up to offer passengers the ability to play music and video content from their own Apple iPod players over Panasonic Avionics’ latest installed in-flight entertainment systems,” Mary Kirby reports for Flight International.

“Singapore Airlines last week started supplying iPod and iPhone connectivity on the first of five newly reconfigured all-business Airbus A340-500s. United Airlines is expected to soon offer this feature in the premium cabins of its international widebody fleet,” Kirby reports.

“Panasonic appears well-positioned to capture even more business. It claims to have the only IFE solution that can natively support Apple’s authentication technology,” Kirby reports.

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  1. Meanwhile, most U.S. airlines are sticking with their policy of sneering at passengers while trying to hit you sharply in the eye with a plastic pack of four stale pretzels.

  2. “we know you have a lot of choices when you fly, thank god they are all other airlines in the U.S. which means we don’t have to compete on customer service. many of you will find your luggage in the same airport you intended to land in, so please make your way out of the plane ASAP. again thank you for flying with us and we will see you again next week after we have added 7 more rows of seats. our advanced yoga positions handout will help you prepare for this, so you may want to ask for one on the way out….”

  3. Ampar: that isn’t vindictiveness, some of the screeners heard some kids refer to the touch as “the bomb” and are just being careful.

    maybe they will allow iPods like liquids. only allowed if it holds 8 gigs or less and is in a sealed plastic baggie….

  4. Wow! the Airbus 340 is now the most expensive accessory created for the iPod….

    I will prefer that Airliners drop their prices. Turbosine has elevated its prices widely and it is becoming more expensive to fly this days.

  5. What airline do you fly? Northwest and American now charge you for those 4 stale pretzels.

    I’m just waiting for the dirty buggers to start charging to use the supplied power outlets – for those that do.

    US air carriers stink, foreign ones are better, but remember, most of them are heavily government subsidized. While ours treat us like garbage, at least tax dollars are not going to them, and they are still reasonably priced.

    Besides, once I get my iPod headphones on – I’m good to go, as peaceful as a crappy, over crowded flight can be.

  6. Delta and AirTran out of necessity. Two of the worst when it comes to customer service but they usually have the best direct flights when I need them.
    They should just knock everyone out at the gate, throw you in with the luggage and out onto the carousel at the other end. You might actually get your luggage that way.

  7. All I can muster up about U.S. airlines is, A lot of power went a long way. Yikes! Whenever I fly I get the uneasy feeling I’m living in a temporary, mobile fascist regime. But at least they can now absolutely guarantee my safety… What? You mean for all of this they still can’t?

    ‘Nuff said…

  8. @ Ampar:

    “They should just knock everyone out at the gate”

    Or we could knock ourselves out after take-off with prescription painkillers. Not that I’ve ever done that. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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