AT&T preps 20-megabits-per-second 3G by 2009

“AT&T’s cellular Internet access will be more than five times faster in 2009 than it is this year, the company’s mobility chief Ralph de la Vega said today at Morgan Stanley’s annual Communications Conference,” Electronista reports.

“The executive says that the company’s HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) network will be improved from the theoretical peak downloads of 3.6 megabits per second common across most of the network today to about 20 megabits per second in 2009,” Electronista reports.

“In spite of the increase in speed, the improvement won’t require a major reworking of AT&T’s existing cell tower infrastructure and will primarily involve a software upgrade for the network,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jen” for the heads up.]


  1. That’ll make an iPhone pretty damn usable.

    Between that kind of improvement and WiMax coming down the road, Apple and AT&T;should be able to move a lot of iPhones to corporate America.

  2. 20 megabits per second in 2009 in Montana???
    I seriously doubt it.
    I want the whole truth!
    AT&T;would sound much more credible if they said “Max speed in the top 5 cities might be close to 2 megabits per second at periodic intervals at 3am in the year 2011”. That sounds more realistic. My cable company say I get 5 megabits per second download only and my money only gets around 2.7 to 3 on average. Upload stinks! All while the rest of the world smokes us.

  3. Jay-Z…

    Firstly, how did u ever manage to get your hands on a fine woman like Beyoncé?

    Secondly, I’m implying nothing: my point – poorly expressed – is that this should kill off any of the 2.5G isn’t quick enough whining once and for all, although – speaking personally – I’ve never been such a data addict that it couldn’t wait until I’m in reach of a Wi-Fi network.

    Still, bring it on and the sooner the better.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. These mobile execs are always over-promising and under delivering.

    If it’s just a software upgrade that’s needed, why not shoot it out now? I’ll put in a weekend to help.

  5. The old saying…”Talk is cheap”.
    I’d like to hear this from Steve…he doesn’t want to ever promise 3 gigahertz and Halo again and have to eat his words. If he says it, I will believe it with skepticism.

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