Climate Counts’ deceptive and meaningless attack on Apple

“Copying the self-serving campaigns run by SVTC and Greenpeace, the group Climate Counts has made Apple, Inc. the core of its latest press releases. The group says Apple “is not yet taking meaningful action on climate change,” and is a ‘choice to avoid for the climate-conscious consumer,’ but then points out that its ‘action’metrics are all based on ineffectual political posturing. And the reason for the tough critique: Apple elected not to join the Climate Counts consortium last year and throw money at the group’s ineffectual efforts to ‘facilitate engagement,'” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Dilger writes, “So while Climate Count’s numbers are really based entirely upon how much talk each company does, it publicly called out Apple for “not yet taking meaningful action.” Is crafting reams of policy statements ‘meaningful action?’ Are Apple’s really meaningful, industry leading actions irrelevant because they aren’t always publicly advertised? Further, do the companies Climate Counts recommends to consumers over Apple actually follow their policy statements? And do their actual actions count for anything?”

Dilger writes, “Both Greenpeace and Climate Counts know that they can say anything bad about Apple and get away with it. The details won’t really matter, because the lazy tech media will simply post their ‘bad Apple’ press releases without any critical review, as every media outlet is now doing. However, that doesn’t make their respective campaigns any less deceptive and meaningless. Climate Counts isn’t saving the planet, it’s really only acting to secure its own funding.”

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MacDailyNews Note: More about Apple’s environmental efforts here.


  1. It IS Tom V it IS! And there are enough stupid people that I am betting my future on it by setting up companies to fund “carbon credits” (actually to help make me a zillion dollars and keep my fat face in the public eye). I am so sure people are that dumb that I have started an advertising campaign and will invest over 300 million up front duping the suckers bwwaahahahaha.

    climate Counts are amateurs, pikers, a bunch of Greenpeace and Owl Gore wannabes who don’t know how to *really* bilk the public.

  2. I am a card carrying Democrat, and have been since 1984.

    “Global Warming” is nothing more than an industry.

    Shitheads like this create backlash which really does allow harmful things to happen.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. I am a “card carrying Independent”, have been since the Seventies, and I think this is just more “politics as usual”. You pick your side and play your game and things change regardless. One of the few things I ever agreed with Dubya about was the price of gas … the only way to get people to cut back is to make them bleed green until they do.
    Things were headed downhill in a hurry in the Fifties. Rivers and lakes were so bad you couldn’t swim in them, much less drink from them or eat the fish you caught in them. The air was getting worse by the season. Love Canal became the poster-boy for dumpers. We got a lot of that turned around, the worst of it at least. But, the harder the left pushed for “man caring for the land”, the more the right – even the religious right, in defiance of Christ’s teachings regarding stewardship – pushed back. Now we have clowns berating positive influences for not being positive enough and fools denying that things are still going downhill – if much more slowly. stooge, that means you. And Owl, and ron, too. While I agree that some of the noisier advocates of ‘green’ are out of line, those who push back merely for profit’s sake ought to be thrown into public stocks and stripped of those profits.
    There must be a balance between raping and pillaging on the one hand and starving ourselves as Good Stewards on the other, a balance where we leave a better earth for our kids than the one our parents left for us. Climate Count and Green Peace are not, if they ever were, useful advocates for this balance. While Green Peace has done some good in the past, I don’t see their current endeavors as positive … except in the light of the childish “I wanna destroy because it’s my RIGHT” reaction they set off.
    GE polluted the Hudson river with non-degradable carcinogenic toxins for the better part of a century. Last year they installed a power-generating windmill in the Berkshire Hills (just across the border) to reduce a ski resort’s carbon footprint. This is positive action. CC is more about making self-serving noise. Don’t confuse the two.

  4. Bond Co stooge… you are correct. There is no climate crisis, never has been never will be. Weather patterns change, they always have and always will. Most of the climatic factors are land-use issues. Putting 5 million people in a 300 square mile area will always cause problems, adding trace amounts of a trace gas into the atmosphere, does not. Money and power, the driving force of the AGW movement.

  5. This is all a scam. Junk science. A bunch of gullible people who want to feel good and believe in something.The worse part of it is how they’re brainwashing kids in schools with this garbage.

  6. DLMeyer,

    I agree with you entirely.

    There are still far too many nutters on this site who don’t believe that we human beings have played a role in global warming.
    The (climatic) scientists are now almost unanimous on this point.

  7. Three active volcanoes, all erupting at once, would produce so much carbon dioxide that they would make man’s total worldwide output look downright insignificant.

    The world has recovered from several astroid strikes. A little excess plant food in the atmosphere is no problem at all.

  8. Right ye’ are Gavron.

    But some simple-minded people will always believe what they want to believe, and, of course, a lot of people don’t want to believe that we’re heading for a catastrophe.

    It’s plain wishful thinking.

  9. @Al

    Right on. The next time a Mt. St. Helena erupts, the tree huggers will all congregate for a mother-of-all circle jerk, then kill themselves, thus saving the environment’s ozone layer from their gas bag bullshit.

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