Should Apple release a game console?

The Industry Standard posted an interesting article recently discussing the possibility of Apple releasing a mobile gaming platform. According to the writer, the circumstantial evidence points to Apple trying its luck with gaming once again. And while I think the company may want to do just that, it should attempt to make its way into the console market,” Don Reisinger writes for CNET.

“I’m sure some are wondering what my justification for such a move would be considering Apple failed miserably in the console market back in the mid-1990s with the Pippin, but let’s not forget that it wasn’t really an Apple product. Apple’s Pippin was licensed to Bandai, a company that was trying desperately to get into the gaming industry,” Reisinger writes.

“Fast-forward to today and the gaming landscape has changed,” Reisinger writes. “Today, the industry is booming like never before and it’s rife with opportunity for any company that’s willing to provide an experience that can eclipse that which we’re enjoying right now. And as long as Apple plays by the rules it has played by for the past 10 years, there’s no reason to suggest it can’t be a success.”

Reisinger writes, “What if you could use an iPod Touch or iPhone as the controller? What if the company released a controller that would double as a portable media player? To me, the possibilities seem endless… If Steve Jobs really wants to create a full-featured lineup of products, a video game console is a must.”

More in the full article here.

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  1. @ Mactastic

    Games for the Mac platform could be wirelessly played on your TV via Apple TV. “Is there really a need to get into the console game?” as you asked, yes.

    And if Apple don’t do it, someone else will. Just like the iPod had to have a phone and web extensions… and somewhat become a platform, in other words the iPhone/iPod Touch.

    At some point, you gotta come with a complete solution if you really want to dominate the living room!!!

  2. Release a game console?
    My God, the obvious question here is…
    why are they holding it? Why can’t they just let it go?
    Who do they think they are? The Spanish Inquisition?
    Are they keeping it in a recliner at GitMo?

    Wii need to know…..

  3. @ Mactastic,

    Even simpler, games will be downloaded live straight from iTunes. Apple is setting the rule of a wireless world. No more CDs, DVDs, etc. We’re just 1 year 1/2 away from it.

    Everything, music, movies, games, tv shows, work applications, all kind of solutions, will be shared and used via the Apple ecosystem and from the iPhone, the iPod (iPod Touch), the Mac (and of course all kind of Air version), Apple TV and a certain type of MacTouch (an extended version of Ipod Touch that will be including ebook and handwritting)…

  4. I think the mobile gaming on the iPhone & iPod Touch is testing the water for a games console. When it builds a good reputation up with the iPhone/iPod Touch gaming, it will release a games console.

  5. “…recently discussing the possibility of Apple releasing a mobile gaming platform.”

    yeah, it’s called ‘iPhone”.

    Reisinger writes, “To me… a video game console is a must.”

    NO, NO, NO… just because Microshaft is losing millions & millions of dollars a year on 360, doesn’t mean Apple should copy a losing business strategy just so they can have ‘a full-featured lineup of products’.

    Back away from the crack-pipe Reisinger.

  6. Yet another dumb idea proposed by fools that refuse to understand the way Apple approaches new products. Apple refuses to be an also-ran (in terms of technological innovation, not volume!).
    Take the iPhone. The cell phone market had completely stagnated, with no innovation coming from any sector. This created the perfect situation for Apple to come in and become an instant major player in that market.. No matter how many iPhones they actually sold, they would capture a profitable niche with a groundbreaking product.
    Take the AppleTV. The set-top market was dominated by proprietary boxes given by TV providers. Compared to the iPhone, this has not been a smashing success. The reason? Content. However, in a few years, when the majority of video content is available online, on demand, the need for this product will skyrocket. Consumers will begin canceling their TV service, relying on the internet and devices such as this for video on their TV.

    Take the Gaming market. If Apple was considering entering this market, Nintendo beat them to the punch with the Wii. The majority of consumers thrilled with innovation, interested in gaming consoles, already own a Wii. Trying to mimic the Wii in any way will flop, because Wii already has the games and the user base.

    “iPod Touch or iPhone as the controller? What if the company released a controller that would double as a portable media player? To me, the possibilities seem endless..”

    Seriously? What happens when you leave your media player controller at work? Or lose it on the train? You now have no way to use your gaming console that day. Not to mention the abuse gaming controllers take from zealous children (flying Wiimotes,anyone?) And for someone who sees the possibilities as endless, he can only come up with one?

    In the full article, Don suggests that Apple should not try to copy Nintento in any way, but should rather make a PS3/X360 clone, “but also provides that same level of convergence that makes people want Apple products.” But he does offer any explanation as to how, exactly, Apple’s offering will be any different. Nintendo already grabbed the new control scheme, and unlike phones and computers, consoles don’t require a visual user interface complex enough that a new one will be a significant selling point. Insert Disc, play game. Not much room for improvement there.

    Which brings us full circle back to where we started: Apple refuses to be an also-ran. Which is all it could be in the current market.

  7. They already have a “gaming console”, the Apple TV. They just haven’t released games for it yet. They are not going to build another box…

    Apple TV is a little Mac running OSX… What more do you need to run games? A different colored box running OSX? Games will be available via iTunes, just like movies and music.

    Download & play them… Or maybe even rent them??

    Apple has all the hardware they need already in place for the ultimate eco system… Just waiting on content.

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