NY Times’ Pogue reviews Apple’s Time Capsule: Takes network hard drive into a higher realm

Apple Online Store“Well, I’m finally ready to write my review of the Time Capsule,” David Pogue reports for The New York Times. “I’ve loved the concept ever since Apple announced it. So much, in fact, that I actually bought one. (Apple: ‘Mr. Pogue? We’d like to loan you a Time Capsule to review.’ Me: ‘Actually, that won’t be necessary.’)”

“Imagine a Wi-Fi base station, of the sort that turns your home into a wireless hot spot, with a huge hard drive inside (and, mercifully, no power brick–just a slender power cable). The Time Machine automatic backup feature of the latest Mac OS X version backs up your Macs onto the Time Capsule, automatically, constantly, completely and wirelessly. And in my book, automatic, constant, complete backups are the only kind that really count,” Pogue reports.

“The beautiful thing about this arrangement is that it backs up your laptops automatically and completely, too–without your having to hook them up to anything. Any time the laptop is open and turned on, like when you’re using it, the Time Capsule backup is quietly doing its thing,” Pogue reports. “An animated icon on your menu bar–a tiny clock whose hands move backward–lets you know when Time Machine is doing its thing.”

Pogue reports, “It also acts as a regular network-attached hard drive, serving as a central data bucket for both Macs and Windows PCs on your network. (The Time Machine auto-backup feature isn’t available for Windows, of course, although some regular Windows backup programs can use the Time Capsule as a regular external drive.) Oh, and you can attach a USB printer to it. Presto: all of your computers can share that one printer.”

No other onetwork-attached hard drives “seem to have the Time Capsule’s combo of capacity and wirelessness,” Pogue reports. “This is a classic case of Apple’s insistence on simplicity taking its own version of the network hard drive into a higher realm.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Citymark” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another rave review. It’s safe to say that Apple has solved the backup conundrum by making it automatic, intuitive, and wireless.


  1. Is there a chance that Apple takes this to industrial levels? Imagine that. We will no longer need “Veritas” or Hitachi software, imagine being able to back up the entire line of desktops (for those who back up desktops besides their Servers).

    I believe that they can do a “Mirror” time capsule to have redundancy, or make daisy chain of time capsule to work as a SAN o NAS.

  2. I love the concept and was going to buy one … until I read the mixed reviews from users on Apple’s Web site. For every user who raved about Time Capsule, there was another left raving about slow backups, poor Wi-Fi reception and a variety of software/hardware glitches. A great solution, if it works, but apparently there are still bugs in the system. I went for the more conventional, less elegant solution: wireless-N router and firewire hard drive.

  3. I bought one. A minor disappointment. Got the small, should have gotten the large. Dumb-ass mistake, as I suspected when I made the decision. Always, ALWAYS get at least twice as much disk as you figure you’ll need. At LEAST! Shuda known betta. 🙁

  4. Did you see the note in the comments there about Time Capsule colocation at Macminicolo.net? That seems to take care of the problem so many people mention…”If your house burns down you’re in trouble with the Time Capsule because it’s your backup in the same location.”

  5. I got one today…. painless setup, I also have a powered hub plugged into it and this has 2 more hardrives attached, all which show up as per normal (one holds my itunes library, and this works as before). I had wondered if you could also plug an ipod into the hub and update it etc but this does not seem possible, but thats hardly a problem, what i now have is an untethered laptop that is being backed up and I am playing music with out a cable in sight; heavenly.

  6. Time Capsule’s brilliant. So easy to use with the Airport Utility, and i just love how its so elegant.
    My only concern is whether it will get too hot to operate efficiently, as HK gets rather humid these days, and room temperature soars to 27-28degrees celcius before it becomes unbearable and we need to turn on the AC.
    Oh, and what’s with the HUGE box packaging? I was rather stunned to see it as large as a Mac Mini box, given that the MBA, iPods and iPhone boxes are getting as small as possible. I really love keeping my boxes, but this one may be abit too big to keep… :'(

  7. It is perfect for what I use it for
    on our 1st floor living area, we have an APE “N” connected by ethernet to my iMac, ATV wireless, 2ea Mac Book’s
    Up stairs in the safety of our bedroom (in case of night time break in) everything is backed up to our 1TB TC

  8. It took me a while to get my capsule to work, because I don’t read instructions and didn’t even think what I should do about my existing airport extreme network. So when I just unplugged the airport and tried to add the capsule to the now unplugged network, things became weird and neither device would show up in the airport admin utility. Don’t create a private network if you don’t know what you’re doing.. I did that and it took my over an hour to find the devices in the utility. So, even with me being dumb and trying to wing it, I got everything up and working perfectly within 90 minutes.
    The capsule really works well. Don’t dwell on bad reviews. That just people like me who don’t follow instructions!
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