Apple to refund customers to resolve replacement power adapter lawsuits

“Apple Inc. agreed to pay refunds of $25 to $79 to as many as 2.3 million Mac computer customers to resolve claims that some of its power adapters were prone to spark,” Bloomberg News reports.

“Customers who bought certain replacement adapters for PowerBook and iBook computers are eligible for the settlement, according to documents filed in federal court in San Jose. U.S. District Court Judge James Ware granted preliminary approval of the agreement March 24,” Bloomberg News reports.

“The class action lawsuit, filed in 2006, alleged Apple misrepresented problems with the power adapters. In 2001, Apple recalled about 570,000 power adapters sold worldwide with Macintosh PowerBook G3 personal PCs after reports of overheating,” Bloomberg News reports. “A hearing on final approval of the settlement was scheduled for Sept. 8.”

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  1. 2001? For PowerBook G3s? I had a Lombard (in ’99?) and moved on to a 12″ Aluminum over three years ago… Is Apple still liable for my LC, my Quadra 630? This is such the issue w/ class action lawsuits: a lot of time and trouble for — $25. Maybe $79. Woo-hee! And only a small fraction will go to the trouble to collect any of this. CALs are all about the lawyers.

  2. Are we talking about the little UFO power adapters that the old carry-handle-iBooks had? I eBay’d mine years ago… can I still get the money? I’m sure I have burns and scars somewhere to prove it! You’ll be hearing from my people, Jobs!!!

  3. Apple’s power adapters are really, really shitty. Especially the mag safe ones. There absolute pieces of crap, but I have never ever heard a mumble about it on MDN. Why? Check out the reviews:

    All the mag safe ends begin to fray and melt. It happened to mine, but thankfully it was covered under AppleCare. I have other quality concerns about my MBP, too. My top case needed to be replaced because it was corroding. The battery was about to explode, and was replaced under recall. My hard drive died. My LCD display suffers from temporary dark spots on the left side. The finish on 4 of my keys on my keyboard have come off, and my return key is cracked in half. I still absolutely love my computer. I won’t be an apologist for Apple, though. We, as fanatics, need to demand better quality.

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