US ambassador launches Apple store in Pakistan [Updated: 2:50pm EDT]

“U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson termed the launch of Apple Computers [sic] in Lahore today ‘a landmark of American investors’ confidence’ in Pakistan.,” DAWN reports.

“‘Information technology, especially in the personal computer sector, has grown phenomenally in Pakistan,’ she said at a function. ‘The combination of internationally competitive costs and high-speed connectivity make Pakistan an attractive destination for IT investment.'”

Source The DAWN Blog.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Samir” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s list of retail stores does not currently show a location in Pakistan which leads us to guess that this is a third-party store. As we publish this, Apple has not yet responded to our inquiry about this new store.

[UPDATE: 2:50pm EDT: Italian language Website setteB.IT is reporting that the store is a Raffles Computers store, a Premium Reseller, not an Apple Store. It is located near the India border. And, the US Ambassador and the Managing Director of Apple South Asia were there to open the store. More via Google Italian to English translation, with a photo of the ribbon cutting in the store, here.]


  1. Why do I see something sad about this? I fear that either the store will be bombed as a symbol of American imperialism, or some very evil people will use an iPhone to set off a bomb.

    It’s sad that my first reaction to this story would be the above.

  2. sweet! Now Osama will get a Mac and all his bitterness towards the west, that grew from decades of using Microsoft products, will dry up and disappear! He’ll be hunting Mexicans with Cheney in no time!

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