Apple eliminates 174 positions from Elk Grove, California; transfers work to Austin, Texas

“Apple Inc. eliminated 174 sales and support jobs at its Elk Grove facility Thursday, transferring the work to a site in Austin, Texas,” Dale Kasler reports for The Sacramento Bee.

“In a letter to state officials, Apple said the 174 workers will be given opportunities to relocate or apply for another Apple job in Elk Grove. The company said it employs more than 1,100 workers in Elk Grove,” Kasler reports. “The layoffs include sales representatives, online chat representatives and others.”

Kasler reports, “City officials said they were taking the news in stride. ‘While it’s very disappointing that 174 people are going to be laid off, we’re still fortunate that the company remains a major employer in Elk Grove,’ said Steve Czarnecki, executive director of the Elk Grove Economic Development Corp.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “George” for the heads up.]

Good luck to those Apple employees who are affected. On the bright side, at least somebody’s hiring in Austin. wink


  1. And at least they’re not leaving thousands of people in the dust. They’re giving these 174 people a chance for another job with Apple. Funny though, that they’re transferring work to Austin.

  2. Austin, Tx? That’s Dell’s territory. Looks like Apple is ready to take on th efight against Dell. Well, the best thing to do for them would be to release a complete boosted Mac Mini with keyboard and 17in screen for $799. They’ll eat not only Dell’s but Vista’s lunch at once. Otherwise, Apple is missing a big opportunity here.

  3. To Mac+-Apple has had a support center in Austin for years(more than a decade I believe).
    Maybe Apple is getting ready to assault ID software-based in Mesquite TX(down the road from Austin) or balance out the Fact Compaq(now HP) world headquarters is in Houston, Tx.

  4. @nekogami13

    It’s funny because that’s where Dell just axed over a thousand jobs. I figured everyone on this site would know that, since MDN paraded it around when it happened. I guess I should’ve said that before…

  5. MacDailyNews’ “Related articles” list is your friend.

    It usually explains anything that confuses some people. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

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