Apple CEO Steve Jobs: ‘We’re very happy with Intel’

“Apple’s acquisition of chip design firm P.A. Semi this week started tongues wagging about whether there was discord in Apple’s three-year old relationship with Intel. Not so, says Apple CEO Steve Jobs,” Nick Wingfield reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“In an interview after Apple reported earnings Wednesday, Jobs told the Business Technology Blog that the company’s relationship with Intel, the provider of microprocessors for its entire line of Macintosh computers, is still strong. ‘We have a great partnership with Intel,’ Jobs said. ‘We expect that to continue forever,'” Wingfield reports.

“Jobs said Apple… has no plans to go back to Power chips. ‘I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over that,’ he said. ‘We’re very happy with Intel,'” Wingfield reports.

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  1. It’s nice that it could go back to PPC, based on OS X being CPU-independent, but Intel has done an excellent job with its Core (2) line of processors. If we were using the Pentium 4, I’d be upset.

  2. “Apple’s acquisition target isn’t a chip manufacturer. As a ‘fabless’ chip designer, PA Semi (short for Palo Alto Semiconductor) only develops chip designs that are actually built by other companies,”

    Is it not possible for Intel to build these chips for Apple? So why the need for this headline? Oh! Intel are shitting bricks at the thought of loosing Apple’s business?

    They should Drink Camel’s Milk, expel a thunderous fart as befits their status & then rethink Apple type Synergies.

    Nothing to worry about here! Move along!!!

  3. @ Ampar, It is a bold statement because only they know where the beginning meets the end at One infinity loop!

    Tell that to Motorola & IBM, they have been introduced to both the beginning and the end, the end came too soon from their point of view! they weren’t ready for it.

  4. Intel Chips aren’t faster then the PPC chips for raw number crunching but, with Multi-core CPUs and the UNIX base of the MACOS. Pure CPU horse power is not as big of a factor any more. Photoshop, Logic, Final Cut, most all 3D modeling and animation programs need serious code optimization to really push the performance levels any more.
    But, as long as MS keeps Windows the resource hog it is the MacOS and Mac users will keep benefiting with faster and faster processors and memory.

  5. PA Semi will create a set of new ASICs that just happen to be needed for Leopard’s successor to run. Apple then stops (or controls) the cloners with hardware as well as software.

    I still think Apple is going to build the Knowledge Navigator based on the iPhone OS. People are moving away from desktops to small-medium sized laptops as a percentage.

    There will still be Mac Pros, iMacs and Mac Laptops, but a new category will be created at the low 9-12″ end that isn’t designed for storage and number crunching, but interfacing with that world wirelessly. Think of a low-power, 9″ MBA without a keyboard (tactile glass), no USB, small SSHD, multi-touch iPhone interface and permanent cellular data connection. Even the apps are downloaded from the iTunes App-Store. Data is stored in the Apple Cloud and synced locally.

  6. It’s a good thing too that Apple was smart to use INTEL. Imagine a PPC at 3 running on an iMac today. It would melt the body and you can cool El Polo Loco style in your own office.

  7. Power PC back in the day was excellent. It was a great chip for its time. But face it, Intel and AMD Chips are much better than Power PC. Most of the applications and software run on Intel and AMD much better. It is possible that apple made the purchase to benefit their own engineering plans rather then make the chips.

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