Apple to launch iPhone in Canada with Rogers soon?

“The stars finally seem to be aligned for a Canadian launch of Apple’s popular iPhone nearly a year after it was first unveiled to lineups of gadget-crazed consumers in the United States,” Chris Sorensen reports for The Toronto Star.

“There have been no official confirmations, but industry sources say that Rogers Communications Inc., the only Canadian carrier with a compatible GSM network, was hoping to include the iPhone as part of a campaign that focuses on ‘touch screen’ phones, to be rolled out between May and July,” Sorensen reports.

“That would put one of the world’s most talked-about devices in the pockets of Canadians right around the time that Apple Inc. is expected to roll out an updated version of the iPhone that runs on so-called third generation, or ‘3G,’ networks,” Sorensen reports.

“It has been widely speculated that the stumbling block was Rogers’ wireless data plans, which typically cost more than those offered by carriers in Europe and the United States – a disparity that critics blame on a lack of Canadian wireless competition,” Sorensen reports.

“As well, most of Rogers’ wireless data plans have usage caps, with users charged by the megabyte if they go over their allotment,” Sorensen reports. “‘We’re not fans of unlimited plans,’ Rob Bruce, president of Rogers’ wireless division, told analysts during a February conference call.”

“Apple, by contrast, emphasizes the consumer experience of its products and is said to be adamant that the iPhone be offered with unlimited data plans,” Sorensen reports. “That way, subscribers don’t have to worry their mobile Web browsing habits will put a crater in their wallets.”

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  1. I seriously doubt it. An “unlimited data plan”(which is by no means unlimited) cost $450/month , plus, plus, plus…… Rogers has hundreds of thousands of these unlimited contracts with huge corporations, from which they make a fortune!! As great as the phone is,( and I have one and pay $700-1200/month, including roaming for travel) the phone doesn’t pose a threat to Rogers as they are the only ones who can carry it. However, it would force a huge drop in revenue from their cash cows(corporation) and would return at best a few thousand new low revenue contracts.
    It’s not going to happen!! 🙁

  2. Apple could talk to Fido, but Rogers owns them. So, it’s six of one, half a dozen of another.

    Between the ‘other’ iPhone’ and Rogers, I can’t see this coming soon. And when it does, it will be pure Canadian.

    If you think MS is bad, just think if they were Canadian. WinVista would be $399 to OEMs and the boxed version would be $1200. And Canadians would bitch, then pay.

    They’s piss and moan, and declare that when it reaches $1500 ‘I’m out!’. They’d of course pay, and declare that when it reaches $1899…

    MW: price. No shite!

  3. As a Canadian, I hope the iPhone comes to Canada, but I also hope against hope that we don’t have to deal with Rogers to get it. That company is so evil they make Microsoft look like Amnesty International.

    The only way an iPhone in Canada would be for anyone but the uber-rich is if it is sold unlocked so the choice of networks can induce competition for prices. My hope is that because of Rogers reticence to agree to Apple’s terms on the original iPhone, that Apple will sell both the 2G and the 3G phones unlocked in Canada after June. That would give the people real choice and penalise companies like Rogers for thumbing their nose at Apple last year.

  4. Roger’s is a rip-off, but so is every other Canadian cell company. I am still waiting for the iPhone to be released in Canada but fear when it does it will be too expensive to use for anything but regular phoning.


    iPhone doesn’t work on any network in Canada except Rogers. Telus does have a few GSM phones but there service is not compatible. So a unlocked iPhone in Canada still has to be used with Rogers.

    We can’t win for loosing.

  6. There are 2 choices in Canada:

    1) Rogers, GSM. Also owns Fido.

    2) Bell, CDMA. Telus leases/buys bandwidth on Bell’s network.

    IMHO, Rogers won’t ever offer the iPhone because there is no benefit. It would simply erode margins, and anyone who really wants one simply buys one in the US and unlocks it.

  7. *shudder* Rogers?
    Not if Steve Jobs is really as smart as people say he is.
    Apple would maintain better customer allegiance by never releasing the iPhone in Canada, than to have the criminals at Rogers mete out the plan.

  8. @CandTsmac

    I was assuming in my comment about unlocked iPhones and choice that the 3G iPhone will of course work on Bell’s (and therefore Telus’), networks.

    The release of unlocked iPhones of *both* 2G and 3G varieties is the best we can hope for. If Apple *really* wan’ts to screw with Rogers, they could release only the 3G one and only to Telus/Bell etc. I would love to see that, but I am not sure how likely it is.

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