Apple releases Boot Camp Update 2.1

Apple has released Boot Camp Update 2.1, with specific versions for Windows XP, Windows Vista 32, and Windows Vista 64.

Each version of the update addresses issues and improves compatibility with the specific Microsoft Windows operating system running on a Mac computer using Boot Camp. It is highly recommended for all Boot Camp users.

More info and download links:
• Boot Camp Update 2.1 for Windows XP – 215MB
• Boot Camp Update 2.1 for Windows Vista 32 – 228MB
• Boot Camp Update 2.1 for Windows Vista 64 – 236MB

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jennifer” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple’s website says that this has to be installed before installing XP SP3 which is supposedly coming out next week. Check out some of the comments on this website:

    and here:

    and here:

    Wow! Can you say brainwashed?

  2. EricDano, I’ve been to a few other blogs and yes, it seems like this update has to be run in Boot Camp.

    I ran my Apple updater last night, and this download didn’t show up. Is this an update I always need to do manually? I also some comment about having to run this update in Windows. Does that mean I need to get the download file while in Windows? I don’t think that’s how I installed other BootCamp updates.

  3. Um, it’s for BOOT CAMP INSTALLATIONS, not virtual machines.

    I don’t have VMware or Parallels, so this update would be for me, as in I restart the computer from the Windoze partition.

    If it shows up via software update is another story.

  4. six of one, half a dozen of the other. It probably has fixes for people who use Parallels or VM Ware off a Boot Camp partition.

    It has NOT showed itself in the Software Updater yet. I’ll have to reboot into BootCamp and install…….


    A problem with the original bootcamp on 10.5 DVD that when bootcamp partitions the drive, that you get the option to choose FAT32 or NTFS when doing the Windows Installation.

    I wasn’t able to install XP with the version of bootcamp on the Leopard DVD when they first came out. When It came to the point for me to choose the Partition and format it, it would automatically format the drive in FAT32 even if you partitioned the drive ABOVE OR BELOW 32gbs. Then when intallation stats it would fail.

    I’ll try this update later but in order for me to install XP, I have to wipe out my iMac and do a clean install of Tiger. I then unplug my base station and change the date to 2006. I then install bootcamp Beta 1.3. The reason for the date change & unplug of the base station is so it won’t talk to apple and make the Beta Expired.

    Then I can make my partition with bootcamp, Load XP Installation, and I have the option to choose NTFS or FAT.

  6. Lilo, make sure to read the Boot Camp installation guide. I’m pretty sure you need to select FAT32. The whole wiping of your iMac, installing Tiger, and backdating to 2006 sounds like a whole lot of work. Wouldn’t buying Leopard make a lot more sense that having to do all the work you’re talking about?

  7. @ Eric W

    It is alot of work. I do have Leopard, I got it the first day it was out last year. I have the family pack.

    The thing is, if I were to wipe out my iMac & install Leopard, everything will be fine. Once I use bootcamp & set the partition amount say 23 or 33gbs which I tried with both, once I load the Setup installation part on the XP Pro CD, you know where you choose the Drive C to format, It will autuomatically format the partition with Fat 32. You don’t even get the Option to choose NTFS. Once it does & loads all the files after formating, then I get a DISK ERROR message after it restarts, so I have to boot back to Leopard and delete that faulty partition.

    In reality, if you choose over 32Gbs, the system should know that & format it in NTFS, but it doesn’t. And below that, you should get the option to choose formats. I’ve built PC’s before and you always got the option. I’ve used the Bootcamp Beta many times, and I always got the option. Now with the finalizeded version on Leopard, and I don’t get the Option.

    This whole problem only happens when using the bootcamp software that comes with leopard. When I used the Betas of Boot camp, I never had this problem. I always had the option to choose Between NTFS or Fat32. I prefer NTFS & I don’t get that option if I use the Bootcamp program from Leopard.

    There is a problem with bootcamp and I’m surprised apple hasn’t addressed it with an update as I just saw it’s not an update to the version on Leopard, just an update to an already running XP Mac.

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