“Though the blogging frenzy over whether would-be Mac clone maker Psystar is real has died down in the past few days, no one has determined the truth beyond the shadow of a doubt,” David Zeiler blogs for The Baltimore Sun.

“After a series of crazy developments last week, including an address that changed several times within a few days and a credit card payment company that abruptly terminated its relationship with Psystar, many in the Mac blogosphere declared the upstart company a hoax,” Zeiler writes.

“But over the weekend and into Monday, defenders of Psystar attributed its troubles to poor planning. They argued that the fledgling company had failed to anticipate the huge demand for cheap Mac clones they faced when news of Psystar hit the Web 10 days ago,” Zeiler writes. “Psystar posted reassuring messages on its Web site. A Friday item headlined ‘Store up and running, orders shipped’ promised that orders placed in the first week at Psystar’s online store would be shipped starting this week. On Tuesday, Psystar posted a message and photo trumpeting its new headquarters (independently verified by several news sites).”

“The ultimate proof would come when customers began to receive their orders; I have yet to read of a Psystar machine successfully delivered, but the first shipments might not arrive for a few days,” Zeiler writes.

“Even if Psystar is legit, what it is doing – selling PC boxes capable of running the Mac operating system without Apple’s blessing – raises many other questions,” Zeiler writes.

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