RUMOR: Belgium soon to get unlocked Apple iPhone

“Belgium has joined the ranks of countries that will soon receive the iPhone, according to regional site,” MacNN reports.

“The site makes the crucial claim that the phone will be available unlocked, in a scheme similar to the one suggested for Italy by La Repubblica; while this could be a part of Apple’s rumored new pricing plans, under which phones would be more expensive but unlocked by default, this may be a necessity, as Belgian law is said to prevent carrier exclusivity,” MacNN reports.

“A similar law resulted in the creation of an unlocked iPhone for France,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.


  1. If I had to guess they probably wont do it until they come out with the 3g phone. If I ran inventory at Apple I wouldnt want to be making a whole bunch of phones that are gonna be outdated in two months.

  2. Well I like that with ATT exclusivity we’ve gotten visual voicemail and a pretty decent phone/unlimited data service package. However, I think that an exclusive relationship with a carrier demands a bit more than this. I was already using ATT before I got my iPhone last June, so Apple’s decision didn’t present a problem for me. That said, I’ve still been waiting to see awsome advantage derived from the exclusive partnership. So far I’ve seen no such justification for it. Unless Apple and ATT have more fruits of their partnership to show off I am all for unlocking the iPhone as soon as contractually possible.

  3. Don’t know about you, but apple releasing iPhones to more parts of europe is getting dull now…

    Let’s just move on from here… I wanna hear the real stuff, like china, australia, japan, singapore….especially China, since the olympics are on.

  4. What the hell is with everybody demanding GPS to be in iPhone or any phone for that matter? Do we really need to cram every little handheld gadget into one? How many of us actually NEED GPS? That’s what I thought. It’s nothing but irrational feature greed. Besides, the iPhone already has a pseudo-GPS with Google Maps which is more than enough for the most.

    MMS should be there, though.

  5. Well for those that need GPS obviously…it’s just a lot more convenient that you don’t have to look at directions while driving(voice guided). Besides you can turn it off when you’re not using it, not like it’s on all the time to suck the precious battery life.

  6. @ bioness

    “…I wanna hear the real stuff, like china, australia, japan, singapore….especially China, since the olympics are on.”

    I second that! From Singapore! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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