Second Gear releases Today 1.0 for iCal users

Second Gear has released Today 1.0, a new Mac OS X application for managing iCal events and tasks. Today shows you all the events and tasks that are stored in Apple’s iCal in a small, easily navigable window. It also distinguishes between different events based on the calendar color you define in iCal.

Today allows you to quickly glance at your upcoming schedule for the day. Assign a keyboard shortcut, and you can toggle Today’s visibility in a split second. Adding new events and tasks is just as easy. You can quickly schedule next week’s meeting or a quick task in Today. No iCal required.

Feature Highlights:
• See events and tasks for each day
• Create new events and tasks directly from the application
• Smaller footprint than iCal
• Synchronizes calendar information from iPhone and iPod touch
• Synchronizes between multiple Macs using .Mac
• Works with Mac OS X Leopard’s system-wide calendar store

System Requirements:
• Requires Mac OS X v10.5 or later
• Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
• 2.9MB of hard drive space

Today 1.0 may be purchased for US$15 and offers a fully featured 7 day trial period.

More info here.


  1. Okay, I genuinely don’t get the benefit of this app. What can it do, that I can’t do with iCal itself – for free?

    And what’s the advantage over the many freeware apps, who do the same – especially the iCal Events Dashboard Widget, and ToDo Widget?

    The ONLY thing I see is the ability to add new events from the app – instead of from iCal or via Mail. Is that worth 15$?

    Can’t believe Gruber as well as MDN are pushing this one.

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