Apple releases Aperture editing plug-ins, SDK

Apple StoreOn the same day that Apple posted the Software Development Kit (SDK) that third-party developers can use to create image editing plug-ins for Aperture 2.1, the first image editing plug-ins from third-party developers have arrived and several others are expected to appear shortly.

Apple’s Aperture 2 includes a powerful plug-in architecture for the seamless integration of popular third-party image editing software.

Editing plug-ins are already available for Aperture 2.1 and include the Dfx Digital Filter Suite from the Tiffen Company and Power Stroke, Light!, and Ozone from Digital Film Tools. Plug-ins from several other developers, including Nik Software (Viveza), dvGarage (dpMatte and HDRtoner), Image Trends (Fisheye-Hemi), and PictureCode (Noise Ninja) are expected soon.

Aperture 2.1 also includes an Apple-developed plug-in, Dodge & Burn, that provides tools for making selective edits of images with Dodge (lighten), Burn (darken), Blur, Sharpen, and Saturation effects.

The free Imaging Plug-in Software Development Kit (SDK) for Aperture is now available through the Apple Developer Connection (ADC). Interested developers should visit the ADC website and download the SDK.

More information here.


  1. Spark, I hope you are right…

    …I buckled and signed up for an iPhone on Sunday with 02 (UK), and I have to say I haven’t regretted it on bit!

    I cannot wait for June, it’ll be like getting a brand new iPhone all over again!

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