Poll:If Apple’s Mac OS X was available on non-proprietary hardware, would you ditch Windows, Macs?

“With the whole Pystar fiasco making headlines recently,” Gizmodo is running an interesting poll regarding Apple’s Mac OS X:

If OS X was available on non-proprietary hardware would you ditch Windows, Macs?

• Yes, I would switch to OS X – 37.5% (1780 votes)
• Yes, I would ditch my Mac for non-proprietary hardware – 10.2% (485 votes)
• No, I would not ditch Windows – 16.1% (765 votes)
• No, I would not ditch my Mac – 28.4% (1347 votes)
• Other – 7.7% (364 votes)

4741 total votes. Results as of 04/21/2008 10:26:25 pm EDT.

Cast your vote here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: This is a well-worn topic, but the one twist that we always found interesting is the idea of Apple releasing Mac OS X one version behind to selected OEMs. For example, these lucky OEMs would get the most up-to-date Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, certified by Apple to work on their specific hardware configurations, while Apple would retain the exclusive to the current Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.


  1. Yes, it is worth thinking about releasing a version of Panther/Tiger for white box makers. But how do you prevent someone from buying one of those boxes and upgrading to Leopard?

    Are we going to go back to ROMs? DRM, dare I say?

  2. bit of a meaningless question, that. Surely it would depend on quality, price, how well the system worked, stuff like that. Mind you, gizmodo does tend to be shallow. /Al in all a waste of time, like asking would you change your washing powder to brand x if the box was the right shape.

  3. No I wouldn’t switch because I only use Windows for games (it’s the only thing it’s good for). I switched to Linux years ago.

    I like MDNs idea though, let the Mac faithful be the beta testers, they’ll put up with anything.

  4. “Dump my 8 core MacPro? For what!”

    16 core UltraSPARC T2. Unfortunately I don’t believe they’ve ported iMovie to Solaris yet ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  5. No way, never going to buy some beige box POS and install OS X on it. Thank god Apple will never do that either.

    Making OS X available for every cheap ass out there with some shitbox PC would ruin the Mac culture.

    It’s like saying lets make it legal for humans to mate with dogs…in other words just disgusting.

  6. The best part of the poll is the hilarious comments posted in response.
    Here’s an example that rivals anything seen on
    Comedy Central ! :

    by Sean Harrington
    “Gotta go with a big “NO” on this one.
    Why cut the amount of available software to 1/10th (20th?
    100th?) of what I currently have access to?”

    Hahahah! Oh! Stop it, Sean! You’re killin’ me!!

  7. Why not? You could have floppies (what were they, 128MB?) and SCSI back again. From wikipedia:

    It should be noted that Windows XP still requires the use of floppy drives to install third-party RAID, SATA and AHCI hard drives. This requirement was only dropped with the introduction of Windows Vista in 2007. To this day (April 2008), most PC motherboards will still attempt to boot from a floppy drive when the on-board ROM BIOS is corrupted.

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