Pleco ‘seriously considering’ bringing full-featured Chinese dictionary to Apple iPhone

“What’s that character? Western learners of Chinese ask this question every day,” Bradley Gardner reports for China International Business.

“Thanks to the increasing dominance of PlecoDict, however, daily life is just a little less befuddling,” Gardner reports.

“There are plenty of other computerized dictionaries out there, but Pleco’s speed, breadth, and attention to customer feedback have won it a dedicated following,” Gardner reports.

Gardner interviewed PlecoDict creator Michael Love, who said:

With the iPhone, while we’re not ready to announce anything just yet we’re very seriously considering developing a Pleco version for it. We’re not thrilled about Apple locking down distribution and charging developers a 30% commission to sell iPhone software, but we really like the platform and think it has enough potential to be worth the hefty fees. The iPod Touch is actually more exciting to us in some respects than the iPhone, since it doesn’t force you to change your cell phone carrier and can be found almost anywhere. It’s next to impossible to buy a cell-phone-less Palm or Windows Mobile handheld in many parts of the world nowadays, but the iPod Touch is all over the place, so for those people who are willing to buy a handheld just to run Pleco it would be a better option than they’ve had in quite a while.]

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. 30% is hefty? Every developer I’ve heard say anything about the 30% thinks it’s extremely reasonable. Oh well. I don’t speak Chinese, I’d like to learn it, but probably never will, so this is mostly useless to me.

  2. “There are plenty of other computerized dictionaries out there, but Pleco’s speed, breadth, and attention to customer feedback have won it a dedicated following,”

    Maybe. On the other hand – you snooze, you lose. If someone gets to the platform first, let’s see how ‘dedicated’ your ‘followers’ are.

  3. Yes, 30% is very reasonable. I grew up in a retail environment. Wholesale cost in my father’s shop was roughly 60% of the selling price. From that 40% gross, he had to pay rent, license and taxes, utilities, sales people, etc. Apple, from its 30% gross, must pay for development and infrastructure, marketing, processing, and all the rest. People need to appreciate the difference between “gross” and “net” profit.

  4. So, basically, they’re announcing that they’re *maybe* thinking about *possibly* putting their app on the iPhone, while simultaneously dissing the very reasonable 70/30 split with Apple and complaining about Apple “locking down” development. Really trying to get on Apple’s good side with their vaporware, aren’t they?

  5. I don’t think 30% is steep when you balance the benefits derived from the Apple Application Store distribution, promotion, traffic, exposure, etc. Products on the Apple Application Store are going to see a tremendous about of exposure to potential customers that would cost a developer a lot of money to generate independently.

  6. If I was maybe thinking about possibly developing some vaporware for the iPhone or iPod Touch, I may whine about the 30% fee…what else am I going to do with my time since I’m clearly no spending it developing anything…

  7. You dumbasses. 30% is not a commission. Only an idiot would say that.

    Listen, clueless, that 30% pays for the tools you use, hosting your software, handling the payments, and delivering it in front of every iPhone user on earth.

    You are ungracious morons. Take you chinese software you greedy bastards and stuff it.

  8. Personally, I think Apple is offering developers a great deal. Few iPhone developers could ever hope to get their products in front of nearly as many pairs of eyeballs in any other way. Looks like a win/win for customers and developers to me.

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