The knockoff parade continues: Nokia exec shows Apple iPhone lookalike ‘Tube’; dismisses Apple

The flood of iPhone lookalikes continues, this time from Nokia.

“Nokia has confirmed that it’s developing a touchscreen-equipped handset to take on the Apple iPhone,” James Sherwood reports for The Register.

“The Finnish giant’s handset is codenamed ‘Tube,’ and Tom Libretto, VP of Forum Nokia, said the device will be the company’s ‘first touch device,'” Sherwood reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Touch. Not Multi-Touch. None of these fake iPhones have Multi-Touch.

Sherwood continues, “The device looks like the iPhone’s long lost twin, except for a Nokia logo stuck underneath the handset’s earpiece… Unconfirmed reports suggest Nokia’s would-be iPhone killer will run on the Symbian S60 platform.”

Full article here.

Joshua Topolsky reports for Engadget, “Tom Libretto, vice president of Forum Nokia, believes that the company can compete for the iPhone’s marketshare, though the phone-maker hasn’t set a street date for the device. Apple has sold more than 4 million units since the iPhone’s launch, but Libretto smugly noted that, ‘We’ve done that [volume] since we’ve had dinner on Friday,’ (though he failed to mention that it was 4 million low-end candybar handsets).”\

MacDailyNews Note: Nokia hasn’t said when their iPhone 1.0 knockoff will be available or what their price tag will be.

Full article here.

Nokia should be ashamed. As our own SteveJack just recently wrote: “It’s the same old, same old in an iPhone-inspired wrapper… You can judge the distance behind and overall cluelessness of iPhone’s future roadkill by the amount they copy the iPhone’s exterior… The question I’m left with for [all] of these companies rolling out imitation iPhones this year is: Exactly how stupid do you think your customers are?”


  1. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I find these copycat designs offensive. My guess is that the “look” of a phone cannot be patented. Otherwise, Apple would be sending “cease and desist” warnings to all of these “me too” clowns.

  2. @steve

    Actually the “look” can be protected. It is called “trade dress”, and Apple successfully went after a few companies that were copying the look of the original iMac.

    However, I think it may be a bit harder to defend on a phone, as they are all pretty much the same size, shape, color, etc.

  3. Nokia’s phones are sold with a razor-thin margin (well, most of them). Just like Dells, that barely make profit (mostly thanks to crappware pre-installed by OEMs). It is obvious that Nokia must make statements such as this to redirect the attention away from the fact that Apple caused a seismic shift in approach. How else can they explain that they (the single largest handset manufacturer in the world, dominating all markets) have to compare their devices with a virtual unknown (in the handset world, at least until last year), who’s been on the market for merely nine months, with one single device, and is already stealing market share from long-established, well recognised players? And as ‘Factorguy’ said, proper comparison is with Nokia’s smartphone devices, such as N95, and of course, that we won’t hear from Nokia’s executives…

  4. “Nokia has confirmed that it’s developing a touchscreen-equipped handset to take on the Apple iPhone, and has shown off pictures of the upcoming phone to drooling onlookers.”

    Only to a handful of the unfit and Finnish. Perhaps the drool was from overmedication?

  5. Yes, I want to be the guy that people come up to and ask “Wow, is that an iPhone ? They’re really cool!” and I have to say “No, it’s a Nokia. It’s better than an iPhone” and they give me that look.

    When people ask to see my iPod Touch they usually are a little skeptical of my enthusiasm. After a minute of swiping photos and watching YouTube they look astonished.

    These knock offs get the same reaction as other knock offs. You must feel like a chump.

  6. It must be bad at Nokia HQ having to adopt M$ tactics and ripoff innovation.

    Boy this is a bad sign for Nokia, and one that destroys any creative credibility that the company once had with its forward thinking handset designs.

    If I worked at Nokia I would be embarresed like hell to show this design to anyone because the first thing people will say when they show it is “looks like and iphone, so how come you didnt come up with an original design?”.

    They might as well sack all their creative teams if all they are gonna do is copy Apple.

  7. Just thinking how most phones have the branding on their face like this. My iPhone sits on my desk most of the day. Anyone coming into my office wouldn’t know it was made by Apple unless they already knew what it was. I find it creates a kind of intrigue that other manufacturers don’t notice.

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