Why I dumped my RIM Blackberry for Apple’s iPhone

“I walked into my local AT&T Wireless store on Saturday fully expecting and prepared to get a Blackberry 8820. My Blackberry 8800 died while I was in London last week, and both Visa and American Express tried to protect me from fraud by disallowing my attempts to order a new phone over the web. Hence, my face-to-face visit with AT&T,” Matt Asay blogs for CNET.

Matt Asay blogs for CNET’s “The Open Road,” which emphasizes “the business and politics of open source.” Asay is general manager of the Americas division and vice president of business development at Alfresco, a company that develops open-source software for content management.

“Unfortunately for Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry, the in-store price for the 8820 was the same as the iPhone. I deliberated for all of three seconds and walked out with the iPhone,” Asay reports.

“The iPhone ‘just works,’ and then some… I thought I wouldn’t be able to type on the iPhone without tactile feedback. I was wrong. I’m actually faster on the iPhone than I ever was on the Blackberry, and that’s with only an hour of ‘training,'” Asay reports. “I thought I would miss a host of things with my Blackberry, but I haven’t. Instead, I’ve been blown away by the innovative use of gestures and the user interface. I resisted the iPhone for a year or so, but looking back it was inevitable that I’d end here.”

Asay reports, “The iPhone is an amazing device. It was inevitable that I’d find my way to it, just as it’s inevitable that it will continue to take more and more market share, eventually breeding lower-end devices that will change the way we use mobile ‘phones.'”

Full article here.

Many people will be shocked at how quickly RIM’s Blackberry is supplanted by Apple’s iPhone.


  1. > everyone on this board will be shocked how much RIM’s platform grows in the coming years.

    Sure, RIM’s Blackberry will grow. Apple’s iPhone will just grow faster (as it has been since introduction).

  2. Don’t assume lower end devices can’t compete just because Apple has patents on multitouch and gestural interfaces. If lower end manufacturers can get it through their retarded heads that the interface and the overall experience are key to making a functional and attractive product, things will come along. You can still have a touch screen phone and not have to use multitouch. Also, licensing these “patents” may be a possibility if Apple never tries for the low end market. Sure, these are big ifs but it’s still within the realm of possibility, especially outside the US.

  3. sixvodkas – great response! april 2 will be interesting when RIM reports again. RIM just upped their guidance and will add over 2 million new subs in the last quarter. yup, iphone is really eating into sales…

    by the way, iphone is the absolute best platform out there without a doubt BUT you guys need to recognize the market is too vast for a single player and the pie is growing quickly. this is my only point.

  4. @ldrhawke

    You missed the best comment in his article…………..

    “My Blackberry-to-Mac sync has been hit or miss for the past year (though I’ve been testing a beta of the new PocketMac and it is quite good) and I’m fed up.”

    A new Pocket Mac is coming?

    PocketMac is Blackberry’s own Blackberry-to-Mac sync software, not another hardware device!

  5. He should have gone to France where he could have bought an legally unlocked iPhone which then could be used anywhere in the world with a local SIM card and not have to pay the exorbitant international roaming charges.

  6. I thought the best comment was the multiple use of the word “inevitable”.

    He gets it. Apple is changing everything…again….just like the did with the Mac, then the iPod, then with OSX and now with the iPhone and its derivatives.

  7. @ Crazylegs: Absolutely correct.

    @ Sixvodkas: I guess after Sixvodkas, you are likely to spew crap. Apple hasn’t eaten into Rim’s marketshare. Rim is growing. Duh. Apple has eaten into the Motorola’s, Palm’s, Nokia’s and Sony’s marketshare…..

  8. To settle the bickering, iPhone is causing the smart phone market to be consolidated into only 2 devices – the iPhone and the Crackberry. Look at the mp3 market now after several years of iPod domination. I think it will take a long time for the iPhone to overtake RIM in pure numbers just because of the number of Crackberrys already sold. BUT, by the start of 2009, there will be more iPhones sold per quarter than Crackberrys.

    iCal it beotch!!!

  9. s, don’t go talking about DEC unless you were there. They had the technology – you still use some of it to post to this board – but they failed to market it.
    crazylegs is right … sort of. We, here, will be quite surprised to see the Blackberry continue to grow – totals sold, if not market share. OK, nothing at all like the rate that the iPhone will grow, but we expect the market to fold in front of the iPhone onslaught. It will be a year or so (from introduction) before the iPhone starts to take significant sales from the Blackberry. Certainly not before the SDK is widely established, or 3G.

  10. Thats the best part of the sell. Once you try it, you just can’t see yourself going back to the dark ages with other devices. iPhone/Touch is Star Trek/2001/ in your hands today. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  11. DLMeyer: a lot of people here will be shocked, yes, but not everyone.

    i will take your comment further and say it will be closer to 2 years before the iPhone takes significant sales from crackberry. but the writing is already on the wall. the iPhone is better in almost every way. and that is pre-SDK. in 6 months or so people will marvel at what the iPhone can do compared to what it could do, in the same way they marvel at it compared to cheap nokia crap now.

    RIM has about 16 months to make a SIGNIFICANTLY better device than what they are currently selling. if they don’t, it will be a long battle, but it will be a long rearguard battle. the other companies have already lost, they just don’t know it yet…

  12. The evidence of what Jobs said that the iPhone is 5 years beyond everyone else is becoming more apparent each day…just wait for the next device or software release…the leapfrog effect will only become exponential…get on the bandwagon while you still can. …and buy AAPL..the iPhone by years end will be a cult that redefines the Blackberry user cult.

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