Sony backs down, says won’t charge $50 for crapware removal

“Responding to a tidal wave of outrage, Sony has reversed a plan to charge $50 to remove all the pre-installed applications — often derided as ‘bloatware’ or ‘craplets’ — from its high-end TZ-series notebooks,” Rob Beschizza reports for Wired.

“Earlier today, PC World reported that Sony would charge $50 for a configuration option called ‘Fresh Start,’ which would not include the bloatware,” Beschizza reports. “When contacted by Gadget Lab, a spokesperson for Sony said that the company will now remove that charge.”

“‘There will be no charge for Fresh Start,’ said the spokesman,” Beschizza reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The question-with-no-good-answer still remains: Why buy an OS-limited Sony (or any other) PC when only Apple’s OS-unlimited Macs can run all the world’s software?

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  1. The answer to the question is simple. Apple doesn’t make a computer this small. Everyone misses the 12″ powerbook. And, the built in Sprint card makes internet everywhere. I covet a mac competitor, but it doesn’t exist.

  2. This was a bad move for Sony. They were making money installing bloatware on their computers and people lived with it. Now people will have the option of opting out of the crapware install for free and there goes part of their margins… I wouldn’t be surprised if that option disappeared quietly in a couple of weeks.

  3. @ Jaygee

    Are you gay or just stupid? You know as well as I do that there are far more reasons to get a mac than just software. If you want to pinch pennies and deal with the crap that Wndows pc manufacturers force down your throat because they feel you are too much of a girl and/or complacent with all that crap, then get a PC. If you see a value in spending more money for far less hassle, get a mac. But don’t think for one second that your argument actually holds any water.

  4. I agree with Traveler 100%

    I also loath the glossy screens which cause eyestrain and headaches from annoying reflections.

    I’m training in Windows now just in case Apple decides to make all their computers screens glossy.

    First defection in over 20 years.

    Apple just doesn’t listen sometimes, even when all the “glossy vs matte” polls show people prefer matte screens.

    Some of us have to work with our machines, not watch movies on them.

    Stupid Steve Jobs.

  5. Back to the SONY/SORRY retraction:

    If you read the release, it doesn’t say that they have removed the $50 fee.

    It says that they won’t charge the fee if you upgrade to a $100 more expensive version of Vista.

    If you won’t do that you have to take all the crapware or pay the $50.

    Not really backing down in my book!

  6. @ Scheuldar

    The Gay parade continues here. Whoever paid you is paying you too much now. Where exactly is OS X “Limited”? Where is Windows “unlimited? Nobody argued for one second that PC hardware manufacturers are “Limited” other than the respondents here like you. This article is about Sony charging for removing crapware on Windows that Windows sufferers have to deal with. Site your sources if you feel that Windows is truly full of features. Other than that we that are spoiled (Mac Users) would not stand for one second if Apple went this route and stuffed our computer with crap advertising. I would tell you and I am sure any mac user would say the same thing; I vote with my money, and if Apple decides to put crap on my machine that I don’t want, my money goes to another company. That fact that you totally avoided the main issue of this article means one of two things: you are retard and cannot comprehend what the article is stating or you are paid by a Windows proponent company that has a vested interest in marketing Windows. Either one of those solutions makes you a bad reference to listen to.

  7. @ Scheduler
    @ Jaygee
    I am absolutely a punk and a jackass. If you think I am anything else than you deserve the bruising. I repeat, you have completely avoided what this article has stated and made no point other than personal attacks. I ask again, site your sources.
    I could care less what you think of my spelling or my methods, just site your sources and I will back down. until then you have just an opinion and nothing you said is a fact.

  8. “MDN and other “fan sites” show once again that they are not objective and certainly not “news” sites – but simply a RAH RAH WOO HOO fanboy site….”

    Gee, you’re a little slow. Why are you here?

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