Karl Rove loves his Apple iPhone and MacBook Air

“Are liberal Democrats less likely to have social lives than conservatives? According to Karl Rove, the answer to that question is yes,” Matthew Sheffield reports for NewsBusters. “The Republican guru all but made that argument explaining why he thought liberals are more likely to be on the web than conservatives.”

Sheffield reports, “‘I hate to sound sort of diffident about it but it strikes me that a lot of people on the right have got active lives and are doing other things,’ Rove said. ‘The idea of spending a lot of time on the internet and taking their talents and displaying them there is not something [conservatives] really do.'”

Sheffield conducts a wide-ranging interview with Rove, even touching on Apple iPhone and MacBook Air:

Sheffield: Last time I saw you, you’d just gotten an iPhone. How’s that working out for you?
Rove: I love it. My life has changed. I have a shred of coolness. I’ve got my 3,500 people in my addressbook on the phone, I can sync my calendar. I keep track of my modest little stock investments. I can check the weather of my house in Washington, my house in Florida, my boy at school, my hunt-lease in south Texas. I can surf the web, I’m just–I get part of my email there. I mean it is just shocking how much better, how much more productive I am. I no longer carry around a giant address book, if I don’t have my calendar close at hand, I can quickly check it out of my– I don’t have to carry, I used to carry several notecards, now it’s just as easy to scribble on my little notepad, I can take photographs and forward them on immediately, it’s just remarkable.

Sheffield: All right. Well it sounds like Steve Jobs should call you up as a spokesman.
Rove: There we go, there we go. And not only that, I also have the Mac Book Air which is really cool. Even my wife is jealous of my MacBook Air.

Sheffield: Ahh, well it sounds like you’ll have to get her one then.
Rove: No I don’t, no I don’t. I’m the only cool one in the family with a MacBook Air.

Full interview here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” and “Glenn R” for the heads up.]


  1. The Rove!

    Hated for being better than the rest at what he does. They just wish they were as good. Hillary would do him if she could get him on her team. Obama loves racists and bigots, let’s them baptize his children. I suspect he would have no problem with The Rove on his team either.

    GO ROVE GO!!!!!

    We love ya man.

  2. hey thelonius, it’s ok, i’m sure the few comments Obama’s pastor made are waaaayyyy worse than Falwell and Robertson’s! Because of course all of our problems are due to gay marriage, science, and free thought.

    this will probably get removed, but, unless you’re being sarcastic, you’re a moron.

    have a nice weekend!

    (I do agree with you about the Hillary thing, she’s pretty much more of the same)

    MDN Word – problem, as in, you have one

  3. Hey Shawn, nope, no sarcasm. Obama is who he is, and what he is. Ya’ll foolish Obama people can try and sweep it under the carpet, but it’s out there. Obama calls Rev. Wright friend. Wright calls the likes of Farrakhan and Kadaffe friend. These are Obama’s peeps.

    Rove is an asshole, but that’s his job and anyone who thinks that the competiton doesn’t do the same things is woefully naive. Anyone who thinks the Clintons didn’t write a large part of Rove’s book is, as you say, a moron.

    Falwell and Robertson, jerks one and all, but hey, I’m an atheist. What do I know.

  4. And with the new iPhone software coming, hopefully he can send IM messages to Bush during press conferences so that G.W. doesn’t mangle them with his usual flippant, mentally retarded interpretations. Too much coke, George?

    “I can press when there needs to be pressed; I can hold hands when there needs to be — hold hands.” –George W. Bush, on how he can contribute to the Middle East peace process, Washington, D.C., Jan. 4, 2008

    And one of my favorites:

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” —George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002

  5. @See Evil, Know Evil

    Boy you really really know how to sound so intellligent! Oh and your name is “scary” too. Your what every liberal and open mind should look up to. Obviously a man among men. I’ll bet you wear a black leather jacket!

  6. EyeforDesign:

    Your a hoot. You remind me of those little plastic dolls that repeat the same asinine phrases when their string is pulled. Is it that you only dislike Rove personally or do you evidence that Rove is in league with Satan?

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