Sybase brings Lotus, Exchange email to Apple iPhone

Sybase iAnywhere has announced support for Apple iPhone within its Information Anywhere Suite will soon be available. Information Anywhere now enables IT organizations to provide secure delivery of Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange enterprise email to iPhone users, in addition to a broad range of other mobile devices. Sybase iAnywhere’s unique approach to providing enterprise email support for the iPhone reduces potential security concerns while still providing a rich user experience utilizing native iPhone applications.

“We’ve had significant demand from our customer base for iPhone support, as companies want to allow the iPhone as an approved device choice for wireless email, along with their other Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm devices,” said Mark Willnerd, vice president, Sybase iAnywhere, in the press release. “In addition, we are excited by the recent release of the Apple iPhone SDK. We are currently exploring new possibilities for future product enhancements and additional iPhone support across our entire Information Anywhere Suite mobility platform.”

Key advantages include:
• Security: Information Anywhere provides iPhone support without requiring changes to an enterprise’s messaging infrastructure. The outbound connection model adds an additional layer of security. Enterprises no longer need to open inbound communication ports to the messaging infrastructure, all mobile device connections end within the enterprise DMZ. Information Anywhere adds specific features to equip IT with the ability to eliminate security risks with iPhone devices, such as restricting attachments, preventing user access and removing email data from a device. All of these features reduce potential security concerns with iPhone use in the enterprise.
• Offline Email Access: Information Anywhere supports the native iPhone client which provides a feature rich and faster user experience than found with browser-based email support. In addition, email is available for offline use.
• Contact Data Access: Information Anywhere provides secure access to contact data, including corporate directory and personal contacts.
• Multi-device Support: Information Anywhere addresses the extreme demand corporations face to support a variety of mobile devices. Sybase iAnywhere now supports the iPhone, in addition to more than 250 Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm-based devices.
• Broad Enterprise Email Support: Information Anywhere supports both Lotus Domino R6/7/8 and Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007.

“We were glad to be selected as an iPhone beta participant with Sybase iAnywhere. The solution was easy to set up without any adjustment to our backend infrastructure and we were ready to go with our iPhone devices in less than a day,” said Melkon Torosyan, project manager, Comdirect AG, in the press release. “We are looking forward to deploying the solution because it addresses the needs of the users and the security concerns of our enterprise customers.”

Information Anywhere wireless email support for Apple iPhone will be available by the end of March 2008. More information, including an iPhone video demo and a request for product alerts here.


  1. The question is how much per iPhone. What do bulk licenses go for?

    This is where Blackberry’s price structure blows away the competition. I had a talk with a C.I.O. friend of mine. This is area in the whole iPhone/Palm/Motorola PDA thing that keeps him with RIM. RIM has the most economical price schedule for getting your Exchange data to your Blackberries.

    Just my $0.02

  2. Ray…

    In the UK, the Blackberry Enterprise Server is £3500.00 excluding the hardware on which it runs and the Windows OS licenses and the installation and maintenance.

    If BES is vital to you, you probably have to do it twice to create a cluster.

    Sounds like the thick end of £12,500 in my neck of the woods which is about 40 iPhones.

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