BBC releases fix for streaming iPhone, iPod touch iPlayer hack

“The BBC has issued a fix to stop people downloading programmes from the iPlayer website that were intended for streaming on an iPhone or iPod only,” The BBC reports.

“Hackers had discovered an exploit that allowed them to save the programmes to hard disk and share them with others,” The Beeb reports. “Rights issues mean the BBC is only able to offer streamed programmes for up to seven days after broadcast.”

“The BBC admitted that it was most likely facing a cat and mouse game with hackers intent on circumventing copy protection,” The Beeb reports.

“The BBC announced a version of the iPlayer for iPhone and iPod touch owners last week,” The Beeb reports. “The content for the phones and iPod is streamed as an MP4 file without copy protection and hackers quickly realised that they could access the file using a simple plug in for Firefox.”

Full article here.


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