RUMOR: iPhone 2.0 coming to Telstra in Australia

Apple’s iPhone is coming to Australia, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

9 to 5 Mac reports, “Sensis, the search engine division of Telstra (Australia’s largest mobile carrier), is hiring an iPhone developer to put its Australia-only search engine on the iPhone.”

Full article, with the job posting, here.


  1. iPhone 2.0.

    Is that just the OS with the ability to add APPLE APPROVED, 3rd party apps? Are there any new features in iPhone 2.0? Can the best platform for mobile computing do copy and paste under iPhone 2.0? Is “iPhone 2.0” hardware or just software or what? Will I be able to access the vast amount of media on the web that I can access with a $100 phone under iPhone 2.0 or will Apple block any developer that tries to let me hear a WMV file, for instance? What is this iPhone 2.0 you speak of?

    Don’t get me wrong, the possibility of new applications is exciting, but I’m at least a bit wary of Apple’s new Microsoft like behavior with regard to being in control of everything, and I keep hearing “iPhone 2.0” but that seems to be nothing more than 3rd party apps.

  2. I guess that means that quite a few potential users will go for the unlocked version, or wait until exclusivity expires, or even settle for the touch and wifi. Unlike AT&T;, there’s no evidence so far that Telstra would part with its deceptive marketing practices.

    Wait for the plan. The fine print, I mean.

  3. Apple will come to Canada with the 3G iPhone and not before that.

    3G puts Telus and Bell in a bidding war for iPhone and keeps the greedy Rogers out of the picture. With Telus or Bell, Apple will get the terms that are right for iPhone deployment.

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