Apple casts withering gaze upon RIM

“Apple Inc said on Thursday its iPhone soon will support corporate e-mail, targeting a new market and challenging the dominance of Research In Motion Ltd’s popular Blackberry devices,” Scott Hillis reports for Reuters.

“‘This takes the iPhone from being not really in the running in the enterprise to being very much in the running and gives RIM a serious challenge,’ Van Baker, an analyst with market research firm Gartner,” Hillis reports.

“‘Apple answered the majority of objections that most IT professionals had to the iPhone as an enterprise device,’ Baker said,” Hillis reports.

“Apple said the iPhone would work with Microsoft Corp’s Exchange software for managing business e-mails, contacts and calendars and ‘pushing’ that information to handheld devices,” Hillis reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is so better-positioned and more capable of taking on RIM in the enterprise than RIM is in taking on Apple in the consumer market that it’s laughable. Apple has most of the enterprise stuff lined up for June; RIM will have an iPod in their devices the day after never. Apple will pass RIM in U.S. smartphone market share so quickly, it’ll make many so-called analysts’ heads spin.


  1. but wall street doesn’t care. in all my 10 years as an apple stockholder i have never experienced something like this. all good news are ignored by the street and all bad news hammer the stock down even further. like yesterday as apple lost more than 3 % AFTER the presentation. makes you think something is wrong with you. aapl is so cheap now it is ridicilous and no one seems to see it. i don’t get it.

    magic word science as in “this is not rocket-science”

  2. Now, the ONLY advantage RIM has is that they are not locked into one carrier for another 4 1/4 years, and their camera has a few more megapixels. That is it. Their only option is to copy the iPhone or really come up with something super duper that no one has ever thought of.
    The chances of the latter are minimal.
    They have to double the size of their screen, create a multi-touch environment with a great interface, and still have no OS or true SDK. I hope they don’t die, but it does not look good for anything other than evolutionary rather than revolutionary for their future. They could do pink color for teenage girls and rust color for IT die hards. Lets not forget Apple had its Quicktake digital camera(I own one) in stores 10-12 years ago, so the iPhone camera thingy is only going to improve.
    H-264 will integrate with their next camera offering.

  3. @RALPH,
    Hey, I know it sucks that Apple stock is down at the moment. I cannot understand why (unless its a planned thing by wall street big wigs ?? ) but I am not complaining.

    The stock finally got low enough for me to get a few shares. And if it goes under 120 again, I will try to get a few more. As the other companies fall under their own weight, Apple will be the only one standing tall. The stock will go up again. It may take a while but that is OK. I just want a chance to get my small share.

    (wish I had 50K to spare. LOL That would make a nice savings egg when Apple doubles. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  4. Ralph from Berlin: Right there with you man…I have added to my position over and over as AAPL has gone down…I am now 95% invested in AAPL for all my stock portfolio…I have moved mutual funds to AAPL, sold other securities….I just can’t believe it continues to fall or stagnate.

    The reality is that once earning post and people “get” that the iPod is no longer the story and that iPhone is the future, the market will pop…until then, invest any leftovers in antiacid!

  5. The reason Apple stock is down is that the U.S. economy is headed for a mammoth recession. Today it was announced that the U.S. economy lost more jobs in February than it has in over 5 years. High-end consumer-product companies like Apple will suffer the most in this recession. You’ll just have to wait it out until the next administration can fix some of damage.

  6. Hold onto your AAPL. The entire market is taking a beating, and with elections this year you can bet on the continued drumbeat of the economy is in trouble rhetoric, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The key is that the market share movement is changing Apples position significantly. After the equities market consolidates, and starts making gains in general, you’ll see Apple skyrocket.

    My 2¢

  7. Aren’t they already very close market share wise even before the 2.0 update is released? I could have swore I heard that RIM currently has a 41% market share to iPhone’s 28%. If Apple is already that close before all of these enhancements, they’ll defintely be blowing past RIM in market share by sometime in 2009.

  8. @ralph,

    The Apple iPhone SDK and enterprise event was a grand slam home run for Apple, but that is only about business fundamentals, not technical analysis — TA, as it is referred to. As long as there are significant numbers of retail day traders playing with margins and options, the hedge funds will continue to stick a sucking money hose in their pockets and clean them out by driving the stock price down. That is what they do. They game the ones with shallow pockets and clean them out. I can’t predict when we will hit bottom or if we are already there. I bet long term on the fundamentals and just ride out the manufactured volatility storm.

    BTW, many of the posters on this board probably noticed my lack of posting for some time. I am battling pancreatic cancer, and I got the nasty kind, but it has not spread yet, so there is real hope that I can beat it. I was hospitalized for dehydration due to the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation, so my posting will remain very light.

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