Apple’s iPhone SDK event live coverage links

Sites offering live coverage of Apple’s iPhone software roadmap event which begins at 10am PT / 1pm ET today include:

Ars Technica
• CNET – Tom Krazit
Fortune – Jon Fortt
• TechCrunch

Please email with any other live coverage links and we will add them to the list above.

Enjoy the live coverage and then check back with us as we cover the news immediately following Apple’s event (maybe even a bit before it ends)!


  1. “They want push e-mail and calendar, and push contacts, he says. They also want Cisco (CSCO) IPsec VPM, certificantes and identities, WPA2/802.1x, enforces security policies and device configuration, and the ability to remotely wipe an iPhone clean if it’s lost or stolen. Schiller says Apple will do all of those things in the next release of the iPhone software.”

    NICE ! ! !

    That faint plop you just heard was the Mike Lazaridis of Research In Motion screaming while squeezing out a live chicken.

  2. Let’s e-mail elnick over at fortune and see if he wants to update his article to include Steve Jobs latest lead in technology (70% smartphone share=ipod share). Too bad elnick’s full of bad tech stocks and stuck in the dark ages.

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