Apple CFO confident in hitting 10 million iPhones in 2008 goal, calls unlocking ‘positive’

Apple Inc. Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer spoke today at the 2008 Morgan Stanley Technology Conference.

Highlights included:

• Apple plans 35 to 40 additional Apple Retail Stores in 2008 with approximately 50% of those in international markets.
• Apple stores slated for Beijing, Australia, and Canada, among others in 2008.
• Off to a great start with the iPod touch.
• Apple does not view iPod market as being saturated. 40% of iPods sold in U.S. were to people buying their first iPod which is not indicative of a saturated market.
• Apple Retail Stores sold over 500,000 Macs in the Dec. quarter. More than half of those were to people new to Macintosh.
• 600 Best Buys will be carrying Mac by late summer/early fall 2008.
• Unlocked iPhones are “a positive indicator of future demand” for the company’s revolutionary device.
• Reiterated that the company is “confident” it will meet its goal to sell 10 million iPhones in 2008.
• Apple will begin selling iPhone in China and in more European countries in 2008.

Listen to the audio webcast here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. There continue to be persistent rumours that Apple and West Edmonton Mall are in negotiations.

    Considering all the facts, it makes sense for Apple to have a store in Vancouver before the Olympics hit in 2010…

  2. “Unlocked iPhones are “a positive indicator of future demand” for the company’s revolutionary device.”

    Translation: Just think of how much more successful the iPhone would be if we weren’t short-sighted control freaks! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Seriously though, these recent comments from Apple’s CFO look to me to be a positive sign. Steve Jobs may have the design esthetic thing down, but the closed business model he holds so dear to his heart is choking the Mac and it’s siblings’ growth. It looks like the board is pushing for a more open business model. There was a time when having that much control over EVERYTHING helped clarify things, but it’s time to start opening up things a bit. Case in point: the iPhone’s AT&T;lock. Do I like the iPhone, certainly. Can I buy and use one? Nope, no AT&T;wireless where I live in California. No iPhone for me, no iPhone revenue from me for Apple.

    P.S. Don’t bother flaming me, I don’t care.

  3. iPhone in CHINA! finally, it is not a rumor….
    Now, when are they going to star selling it in Latin America? (any way, I have already my unlocked iPhone).
    Those two (China and Latin America) are a huge market, they can easily pass the 10 million units goal.

  4. Anyone know if there are plans for a Vancouver store? I would think Vancouver could support two stores. Vancouver has Two Ikea stores so could two Apple stores be far behind?

    Seattle has three I believe.

  5. @jsk

    Yea, glad your not a CEO or president of Apple.
    I’m sure those monthly checks from ATT for each iPhone contract for the next 5 years will amount to nothing.

    Here is the quote:

    “In Q2 2009, Apple should log 280 million dollars from its iPhone sales and 450 million dollars from its cell phone carriers, or 730 million dollars. That’s almost half of what their total earnings were last quarter. That says nothing about desktops, notebooks, software, and iPod sales. These deferred iPhone profits will keep snowballing. If the number of iPhones accelerates (as I expect over the next two years) and the profit margins improve, the iPhone contribution to the bottom line will be profound,” Rosenman writes.”

  6. Apple needs to open a standalone, flagship-type store in Toronto. Its ridiculous that we only have 2 small Apple Stores that are actually in a mall (Eaton centre and Yorkdale)…

    As for the iPhone, I’ve read that there are at least 100,000 hacked iPhones being used in Canada. Now with the simplicity of unlocking software, its really a no-brainer if you want an iPhone. Most of my friends, and colleagues in the film/media industry are already sporting them since launch.

  7. I was responsible for another Mac switcher sale last week – to someone who was going to buy a cheap Windoze laptop. I think my personal count for new switchers is now up to five that I know of…

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