Morgan Stanley, Piper Jaffray positive on Apple Inc.

“Morgan Stanley is out positive on Apple this AM saying they continue to believe new product announcements and margin expansion will drive AAPL shares higher in 2008. In the near-term, unit expectations need to come down as the product line transitions to higher ASP offerings (iPhone, iPod Touch) But, strong Mac shipments and Apple’s ability to leverage favorable component pricing, leave their CY08 above consensus EPS unchanged,” Notable Calls reports.

“Beyond industry checks, the firm would point to a 34% YoY increase in R&D and 170% YoY increase in Steve Jobs’ airplane expense in the December quarter as signs Apple is preparing for meaningful product launches,” Notable Calls reports.

“Piper Jaffray’s Gene Muster is also out positive on Apple this morning noting that while it is way too early to make a definitive call on March qtr iPod units, they have analyzed the first month of NPD data (Jan.) for the quarter and found that it suggests iPod units of 9.5m-10.3m,

“Street consensus for March quarter iPods is 10.8m, representing a 2% y/y increase;the midpoint of the 9.5m-10.3m range suggests a 6% y/y decline. Firm sees this data point as a slight positive, given recent Street chatter of a very weak iPod number for the quarter,” Notable Calls reports.

Morgan Stanley has reiterated their “Overweight” rating with a $185 price target. Piper Jaffray has reiterated their “Outperform” rating, Alpha List status, and $250 price target.

More details in the full article here.


  1. Since AAPL today is under $118 it isn’t going to be too long before starts it move up. I’d give it a month or two and then we will read about all those the regret they didn’t have the nerve to buy more.

  2. Quite a reversal for Mr. Munster. Only recently he thought iPod sales could be 11.3m for the quarter after Apple’s update and price reduction for the shuffle. Now as low as 9.5m (yes, he suggested he might revise up with more data.)

    I noticed that MDN didn’t mention that report until it came out with a more positive spin.

  3. Apple should be $250 now. It will move when the big hedge funds get back into action. Watch for volume to go from 25 million shares to 125 million shares per day. It is pathetic that the market is so manipulated. Cream will rise to the top in the long run. Apple should have a larger market cap than Microsoft some day in the not too distant future.

  4. Looks like some people are going to make lots of money on Apple shares these next months (if the general crisis can be avoid. The $ seems to be very much supported by the world’s banks… all seem to still want to keep their goods of the US treasor for a while yet…)

  5. iMaki, the same here. there is something really strange going on with aapl as of lately and i know what i am talking about. i am a stockholder since 1997 and never experienced something like what happened the last weeks. a few month ago analysts-comments like that would have made the stock jump 5 %. aapl now has more than 20% of their marketcap in cash on the bank. if you substract this and think of conservative earnings expectations of 7 dollars per share for 2009 we are talking about a 2009 PE of 10(!) now. and that for a company who will likely grow by 25-30 %. very, very strange.

  6. Well, I enjoyed the ride…in only 15 months I went from 72 to 200 and back to 116 – so far!

    And yet, everything Apple was doing 15 months ago they are doing AT LEAST as well today. In fact, I would argue that its prospects are 100% greater than they were – with or without a recession.

  7. These guys keep up their Apple pumping because their companies have tons of the stock. I have a little and I’m down $3000. But It’s not a lost cause until it’s sold for a loss. So I’m waiting out the dip. Does that make me a dip?

  8. It is my belief that many of the large brokers had large apple holdings and have been doing a selloff to raise funds to cover their hides in the mortgage debacle. Once they have sold enough, they will settle down and Apple will start to move back up. And they will recover and start buying back in. I have not been able to compare their prev. holdings to recent holdings.

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