CNBC’s Jim Goldman: Apple sell-off is overdone, makes no sense

Apple might present an even better ‘buy’ opportunity than Google, writes CNBC’s Jim Goldman.

“Amazing to me that I even have to write this, but alas, such is the trading environment on the Street right now. And I stress the word ‘trading’ because this certainly isn’t ‘investing.’ If it were the latter, people would focus on the products Apple is selling, the pipeline it’s developing, the innovation it’s offering, and the market trends of which Apple continues to take advantage. More than that, if you believe that digital entertainment and easy-to-use, slick-looking computers that offer a great user-experience have any kind of future in the marketplace, then Apple offers up some true, longer term opportunities,” Goldman writes.

“Like Google, the Apple sell-off is overdone. Plain and simple. And those investors buying into the panic are missing the true buying opportunity instead. Larger forces seem to be at work here. Even if you believe there’s a slowdown in Apple sales, or that the company is bumping its way through an iPod product transition, do you really believe these issues are enough to shave half the company’s market cap away? Makes no sense to me. And a year from now, you gotta wonder whether this was the time when investors should have been buying,” Goldman writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gavin” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Wall Street is a game and, right now, AAPL is the ball.


  1. APPL shares are trending down but that is attributable to retarded market forces and not because the company is becoming irrelevant.

    Sales of APPL might have waned but we’re still buying its products in the same manner we did to pull an aimless Apple through the darkness of the Nineties.

    None of this market crap has any impact whatsoever on my ability to pay the bills using my Apple gear.

    So wtf, over?

  2. @G4Dualie

    “APPL shares are trending down but that is attributable to retarded market forces and not because the company is becoming irrelevant.”

    Becoming irrelevant? Apple has to be relevant in the first place. How does peddling poor copies of Microsoft’s brilliant Zune MP3 player and trying to sell Windows wannabe computers to the same cult which comprises like 1.5% of the market make you relevant? Apple isn’t even in the same league. Get a clue.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. Brilliant Zune MP3 player?! c’mon, I haven’t seen ANYONE with one, I have, however, seen tons of iPods… Plus Apple introduced the iPod in 2001 and upgraded it multiple times since. Then the bound-to-fail zune came out…. how is that coping? The market is turning my friend, and you’re just too blind to see it.

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