Apple’s new Penryn MacBook Pro dissected

“Today Apple introduced its first MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks based on Intel’s 45nm mobile Penryn CPU. We’ve already looked at the mobile Penryn CPU and discovered that despite offering very little performance boost, its contribution to improving battery life was significant. We’re hard at work on seeing how mobile Penryn stacks up in the MacBook Pro but we couldn’t resist a look at its internals before then,” Anand Lal Shimpi reports for AnandTech.

Check out the Apple MacBook Pro Mobile Penryn teardown here.


  1. In the UK Apple has removed the Apple Remote that used to be supplied for free. You have to pay an extra £15 ($30) for it as an “upgrade”. In effect the price of the laptop has been increased. Sneaky!

  2. Afib said
    “I read that the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros have 30 to 60 minutes LESS battery life than the the machines that they have replaced.”

    You heard wrong. The new Penryn processors are actually more energy efficient.

  3. The remote is also no longer included in the U.S. models ($19 add on).

    I was really hoping they would add OLED keyboards- this will be SO cool when it happens (letters on keyboard change as you change the font/language). Oh well…

  4. The battery life reporting is different. Apple used to announce the longest possible battery life, now they report the average. For typical usage, battery life has apparently increased, though it’s not a huge difference.

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