Saved by Apple’s Time Machine

“The Mac mini which lives under the TV set and acts as a souped-up media centre alerted me today to an update of eyeTV, the marvellous TV recording software. I duly updated – I update everything – and found that it refused to launch,” Ian Betteridge reports for Technovia.

“Thankfully, though, the Mac mini is backed up using Time Machine [part of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard], which means that all I needed to do was step back an hour, select the old version of the eyeTV application, and all was fixed,” Betteridge reports. “So, thank you, Apple.”

The complete, but brief post is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Have you been saved by Time Machine, yet?


  1. Yes, I was saved once by Time Machine. About a week after upgrading my Intel Macbook to Leopard, the hard disk crashed. Fortunately I had AppleCare and an external Time Machine disk. The disk replacement took one day, and the backup got me back to where I was 20 minutes before the crash. No lost emails, no lost files, and an incredible sense of relief…

  2. If I really wanted to be saved by Time Machine I’d go back in time and find me some Jesus and be like, “Yo, Jesus! G’all man, you should hear the shizzle folk say ’bout you in the year 2K. Yo check out my iPhone by the way — pretty sweet, huh? Yeah, so salvation, man — lay it on me!”

    And suddenly he’d be saying all this really heavy stuff and I’d be like “#$%! Where’s that iPhone SD? I need a universal translator app for Aramaic to English?” and then I’d be like, “How come my iPhone can’t voice record? @#$!”

    Then I’d kill a butterfly and come back to this time and see if anything is different.

  3. no…

    still waiting for the day, something fails me…on my mac.

    if I were to go back in Time, I’d also visit Jesus… to heal me from the junk food I’ve accumulated in my LIFE…. and start from fresh… but then again, he preached a life after death… so….

  4. Time Machine has saved me twice. Once on my PowerBook when permissions somehow were messed up to the point that I couldn’t launch certain programs or edit contacts in my address book. Stepped back to an older backup, resynced settings with .Mac, and I was bascially back where I started.

    The second was on my Mac Pro after the first time I upgraded to 10.5.2. InDesign kept crashing any time the program needed to access the Finder (export, save, open, etc.). I downgraded back to the most recent 10.5.1 system then re-upgraded, and all work fine now (never figured out why it didn’t work the first time).

  5. OK, the author’s use of mac mini to serve movies reminded me of two new issues:
    1) My movies rented from iTunes don’t show up in Front Row–why the heck is that? Is anyone else finding this?
    2) Since the most recent Leopard upgrade, full screen mode for iTunes movies/TV shows no longer extends the video to the entire screen!! Now, full screen mode just creates a tiny video in the center of the screen, surrounded by VERY thick black bands on all four sides!
    Combining the impact of these two issues, I can no longer watch my iTunes movies or TV shows in full screen!!!
    (Sorry for the unrelated post, but this is driving me bananas…)

  6. Yes, twice when Boot Camp screwed up on the installation and wiped out my OSX Volume. Both times I was able to do a complete restore. Worked flawlessly in conjunction with Migration Assistant.

  7. Yes. Twice.

    1. A recent Adium update had a crashing bug when used with proxies. Just rolled back to a point prior to the upgrade (and was then able to wait ’til they fixed that rather promptly)
    2. NetBeans upgrade caused various problems. Same story, just got in that ole TimeMachine and went back a day or so!

  8. When I start a new circuit board layout I usually make a copy of one that closely matches what I’m about to do and then edit that one and save it as the new layout. A couple weeks ago I did that, but I forgot to make a copy first, and then saved it under the original’s name. Uh oh… original was gone! For about 30 seconds anyway. Time Machine got back my original.

    Hey, Apple should do a commercial where someone tells their story about being saved by Time Machine, but it’s told by some two-bit entertainer like on those Geico commercials. NOT! (Don’t you just hate those commercials?)

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