BusinessWeek: Apple’s iPhone SDK will be late

“There’s a week to go before Apple’s commitment to release the iPhone Software Developers Kit in February runs out of room,” Arik Hesseldahl blogs for BusinessWeek.

“I’m hearing from one source that its going to be late,” Hesseldahl reports. “I’m not yet hearing any reasons why, and it’s sounding like the official release date could slide by anywhere from one to three weeks.”

“I’m also hearing that the situation is fluid, and a lot of last-minute decisions are close to being made about what precisely will or will not be disclosed next week, if anything,” Hesseldahl reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]


  1. While not a serious problem, this is a bit embarrassing and – for some – a whole lot annoying. As someone who spent 1/10th the price of an iPhone for his “basic” cell phone, it doesn’t mean that much to me … but there are a couple million folks out there with a different attitude. They bought on a promise. A promise it seems will be delayed.

  2. I am not happy by this, yet I want an SDK that will allow developers to release quickly applications without a mess of bugs in the SDK. Hopefully Apple will at the very least announce some apps and games for the iPhone and iPod touch. That would help ease the wait for more apps.

  3. I hope Apple learns from this and other recent missed deadlines and starts padding their deadlines. Better to say it will be delivered in March and deliver in February if possible than to commit to February and miss the deadline. We’ll know in less than a week, either way.

    But honestly, people are so happy with the iPhone that I don’t think it will have any actual negative affect. The press, of course, will turn around a make a frenzy of it.

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