Documentary puts ‘MacHEADS’ under the microscope

“What is it about Apple products and the Mac in particular that inspires a fanatical, almost religious devotion among users? The question has baffled marketers and others outside the Mac cult for years, so Kobi Shely and a band of documentary filmmakers went out seeking answers,” Asher Moses reports for

“Over their two-year journey the seven-person team interviewed more than 50 “Macheads” for their film of the same name, which is due for release this year,” Moses reports.

“But at the end of their long journey, during which the filmmakers spoke to virtually every prominent member of the Mac community, Shely hasn’t come much closer to cracking the cult of Mac,” Moses reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Guess we don’t have to bother watching it then.

Moses continues, “He said most Macheads volunteered ‘ease of use’ and ‘design’ as reasons for their devotion but this did little to explain how a subculture could develop around a computer.”

“He concluded that the core reason for the Mac’s unique success was Apple’s ability to appeal to people’s emotions,” Moses reports.

“Shely said he was inspired to create the film after witnessing the vitriolic reaction from the Mac community after Apple announced the ability for Macs to run Windows.
The Mac camp showed its typical air of superiority, saying the move would be like a gourmet pizza restaurant starting to serve Domino’s,” Moses reports.

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“MacHEADS the movie,” a movie about Apple Mac fans from “Chimp 65 Productions,” online trailer:

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  1. I started out using computers that used punch cards and digital tape in the Navy on the 1970s, then moved to the Apple II in 1979.

    I’ve used only Apple computers since then, the Mac since 1984 and I will NOT even touch a Windows machine.

    Apple. Real Intelligent Design.®

  2. So the lady starts about her late dad, and a picture of a chimp pops up.


    I know I know, it’s the production company.
    And it’s a retarded name. Does every company have to be ‘Blue Frog’, ‘Nine Cows’, ‘Electric Chicken’, ‘Frozen Mackerel’ etc etc..?

    Just a first impression.

  3. I think many of you have it wrong.

    A MacHead is really someone that started with a Lisa and migrated to a Macintosh.

    I started with Lisa. Actually, the second Lisa in the state of Alabama.

    It was converted to a MacXL at a later date.

  4. “True Macheads are those that adopted the platform early and resisted the siege of Windows, along with with mass media’s constant drone of the death of Apple throughout the ’90s.”

    These “True Macheads” are idiots then. Back in the 90s Apple sold crap. What they had was _worse_ than Windows.

    They didn’t have anything decent until Apple bought NeXT and got the BSD Unix/NeXTSTEP technology:

    Oh, and when they did that they got Steve Jobs back, too. Jobs had wanted to move Apple to Unix before he got ousted in the first place — smart guy.

    This is why Apple is riding high now. It’s not because of a bunch of irritating, emotionally immature Apple-cultists. It had those in the 90s, and it was heading down the toilet then. ***It’s because Apple have good technology***. The iPhone runs on the same software technology as the computers: it’s that flexible.

  5. I am among, the few, the proud, the earliest Cult of Mac members, before it had a name.

    Resisting all attacks from the Dark Side, facing near death, praying for the return of Steve Jobs. Believing against all odds (and financial Prophets) that the current resurrection would come, and against all odds—it did.

    Howz that for a cult statement? ; )

  6. I think the longer your a Mac user, the more passion you have, so new users have passion but maybe not as much or as deep as us early 1980’s Mac users. When you have a billion+ people against you for decades, passion keeps you going, keeps you fighting, because you know there is something better than what the status-quo is using. Apple’s “Think Different” commercial says it all:

  7. I started with a CDC 6400 at my university in the 1970’s, punch cards & everything. Then they got a DEC System 10, and the computer science department got a PDP-11/70 running Unix. Professionally, I’ve used dozens of computers since, VAX/VMS, Concurrent, HP, SGI, various flavors of *nix. My first personal computer was a NEC APC III running MS-DOS 2.11 in 1984. Then I bought a MacSE in 1988. I’ve been forced to use various Windows machines at work since then, but for myself and my family, we have only Macs. We’ve had a beige G3, Umax C600, PM 7100, PM G4 (Sawtooth), and I retired my PB G3 Lombard two years ago for a 15″ AlBook. My wife’s business started with a grape iMac, graduated to a 1GHz G4 eMac, and she uses a 1.4Hz G4 iBook. If I had my way, I’d be using my AlBook at work instead of this Dull laptop the company provided.

  8. I think the mentality of using a Mac was onset by Apple back with the famous 1984 commercial. The beauty of that commercial is that it still rings true today. Being a Mac user, to en extent is a bit of being antiestablishment. Not wanting to conform with mediocre half-ass computing solutions. As a graphic designer I was finally free from french curves and clogged rapidograph. I used Windows before and it seems to get in the way of my workflow. I could achieve the same result on a Windows computer, but half the fun is getting their. Windows sucks the fun out of working.

    Apple = Quality, and now the world is taking note.

  9. @ Shawn and Steve Ballmer’s Greengrocer

    There would be nothing of what is called “The Cult of Mac” or “MacHeads” if not for the early and middle years. If not for the advent of Windows, and MS’s nefarious method of creating it, the psychology of “us against them” would not have come about. So, Shawn, you can be a Machead even though your are relatively new to the platform. I was just saying that the movie producers need to go back decades to learn the genesis of Macheadedness.

    And, SBG, your assertion that “they didn’t have anything decent until Apple bought NeXT…” simply illustrates you ignorance of computer and OS evolution. Apple lost focus in the ’90’s but they never sold crap. Using a Mac, even during the ’90s was still a superior experience over Windows.

  10. As a musician/songwriter, using Macs has revolutionized the multi-tracking recording process, effectively eliminating the limitations of analog recording. I now have virtually unlimited potential at a fraction of the cost of recording on tape. And yes, the technology is also available on Windows, but it’s just not the same experience. Most (not all) of the die-hard Windows using musicians I know from the ’90s have switched, even before Apple went to Intel. And most of us are using MOTU Digital Performer, although I may switch to Logic Pro soon.

    Why is it that musicians and artists prefer Macs? Aesthetics, ease of use, better software, etc., etc. It’s just a vastly better experience. If the recognition of a superior solution when one is confronted with the evidence makes one a cult member… Enthusiasm should be expected from those freed from the world of Windows.

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