Apple patent app details advanced multi-touch pads for Macs

“A new and ambitious patent filing from Apple hints that the Mac maker is working to extend an advanced version of its multi-touch technology to future notebook trackpads that would include gesture concepts well beyond what is presently available on its handheld and MacBook Air products,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“The January 2007 filing, dug up overnight by MacRumors, is titled ‘Gesturing with a multipoint sensing device‘ and lists among its inventors Wayne Westerman of Fingerworks, a company absorbed by Apple several years ago as part of its quest to deliver iPhone and a new generation of input devices,” Lane reports.

“Of particular interest are several drawings and descriptions of a new Mac OS X ‘Gesture Control Panel’ nestled deep within the 72-page filing. The panel is split three-way, offering a distinct set of customizable options for ‘Standard,’ ‘Basic,’ and ‘Advanced’ multi-touch operations,” Lane reports.

“Listed as part of the ‘Advanced’ panel are several pre-defined multi-touch gesture sets for operations not yet supported by Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, or MacBook Air offerings. Among them are gestures for file operations, editing operations, and Web browser operations,” Lane reports.

Full article with detailed with drawings and descriptions here.


  1. Sarasota is right; we’ve been needing a replacement for the mouse/trackball paradigm for some time now, and nice little slice of apple pie – À la mode or otherwise – from Apple would fit the bill just fine.

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