Mtron announces new 128GB 1.8-Inch high capacity SSD

Mtron, a global manufacturer of Solid State Drive (SSD) products in South Korea, announced today that they have completed the development of a new 1.8 Inch ZIF-type SSD for laptop PC and will begin the production in April.

Mtron has previously launched 2.5 Inch 32GB SSD and Multi Level Cell (MLC) SSD in 2007, and Mtron believes that the addition of the new product will help them to take the next step in mobile SSD market.

Mtron’s new SSD with Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash memory supports PATA (ZIF-type) interface and has a maximum reading speed of 120MB/s and writing speed of 100MB/s, which is more than 6 times faster than the current 1.8 inch HDD. Therefore when it’s used in laptop PC and UMPC, it delivers much faster performance than desktop. Mtron also released 1.8 Inch SSD with Multi Level Cell (MLC) Flash memory, which provides maximum memory capacity of up to 128 GB along with a maximum reading speed of 110 MB/s and writing speed of 40MB/s.

With no moving parts, Mtron’s 128GB SSD makes much less noise, offers resistance against shock and vibration, and consumes nearly 50 percent less power than conventional hard disk drive. Mtron’s new SSD provides 4 times larger memory capacity and makes it ideal for not only laptop PC, but also UMPC, PMP mobile devices, camcorders, MP3, gaming console, navigation, and other mobile entertainment devices.

Mtron expects their new 128 GB 1.8 Inch SSD will begin replacing the current 1.8 Inch HDD.

Steve Jeon, CEO of Mtron, said in the press release, “With our new 1.8 Inch SSD, Mtron has added another great product line as a leader in SSD market, which is expected to grow into ten billion dollars in 2012. Our new product is a result of careful market analysis and research for consumer needs, and we will launch our new product in April so that we can satisfy their need for high performance SSD products.”

Established in 2005, Mtron is the pioneer in Flash memory solution world by using their technology on storage, server systems, and security systems. Mtron merged with Digital First in 2008 and changed their official name to Mtronstorage Technology. As worldwide leader in Flash memory SSD, Mtron focuses on R&D and market research in order to develop new SSD products for consumers and improve SSD industry around the world.

Source: Mtron

[UPDATE: 2:10pm EST: Added “no” before “moving parts.”]


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    On the other hand, maybe this does have moving parts. Maybe there’s a teeny-tiny robot in there that just plugs in one of eight 16GB Flash cards depending on which memory segment you want to read.

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