RUMOR: Apple’s WWDC 2008 to be held June 8-13

Eagle-eyed MacDailyNews reader “Patrice” has done some detective work and found that the schedule of events for San Francisco’s Moscone Center, the traditional home of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), has one nondescript entry in June (WWDC’s usual month) which just might give away the as-yet-unannouced dates for WWDC 2008:

06/08/08 – 06/13/08: Corporate Event, Moscone West, Convention/Tradeshow (This is a private event.)

All of the other events currently listed for June and July 2008 have specific event names.

Apple typically announces the WWDC dates in early May each year.

WWDC dates for the past 5 years:
2007: 06/11/07 – 06/15/07
2006: 08/07/06 – 08/11/06 (pushed back into August for Leopard preview)
2005: 06/06/05 – 06/10/05
2004: 06/28/04 – 07/02/04
2003: 06/23/03 – 06/27/03

The Moscone Center’s schedule of events is here.


  1. I thought that WWDC in 2006 was pushed back so that Steve Jobs could announce that the Intel transition was complete, not because of a Leopard preview. Waiting that extra couple of months allowed him to say that after announcing the switch to Intel at WWDC a year earlier, the transition was completed ahead of schedule…

  2. Breaking news … WWDC will ONCE again be about the iPhone and the 10 new features of Leopard.

    If WWDC boils down to being another iPhone event I’ll find a picture of Steve Jobs and piss on it.

    Oh yeah, I’ll piss on fat boy Phil Schiller as well as I’m sure we’ll see Steve call him once again in a demo.

    Apple over-hyped Leopard, delayed it because of the iPhone, called it Vista 2.0, and when it was released in October it wasn’t ready. The new 10.5.2 update finally makes Leopard use-able. WTF ever happened to those supposed “top secret” features in Leopard? It was all marketing BS.

  3. cmonjob:

    it wasnt usable? weird, because ive been using it since its launch day without a problem. Actually it was being used every day by many people for many different reasons including making money and developing software.

    odd, that ya know, you would say it wasnt usable til 10.5.2, just odd.

  4. @cmonjob

    Excellent comments – they are on target, the truth, and break through all the irrational fawning that goes on around here.

    Just one additional issue – the OS doesn’t really matter if the hardware can’t run it without bogging down – that’s why the Mac Pro should be a priority at Cupertino but, alas, I’m afraid it’s all about the gadgets and gizmoes these days – to the detriment of millions of computer users like you and me.

  5. cynic821, Apple described that Leopard would have several features but then pulled them before release. A few key examples:

    – No support for 64-Bit Carbon Apps
    – Wireless backups in Time Machine

    Link to 2006 WWDC keynote to showing support for 64-Bit Carbon Apps:

    Link to 2007 WWDC keynote showing it was pulled:

    Oh wait, you can get wireless backups for Time Machine if you buy Time Capsule. Apple pulled support in Leopard for the wireless backups in AirPort so they could sell new hardware.

    These steps by Apple are simple uncalled because Apple OVERHYPED Leopard plain and simple. Apple no longer cares for its customers and user base as evidenced with numerous problems relating to Mac hardware over the past couple of years. All they care about are the stock performance and satisfying Wall Street.

    Backdated options anyone??

  6. @cmonjob – if those are your key examples, then Apple did a great job. I know that it is not good to contrast against mediocrity, but it would be easier to make a list of what M$ did not pull out of Vista during its years of development.

    @ And This – just because I am not complaining at the drop of a hat doesn’t mean that I am “irrationally fawning” over anything. In term s of critical problems/flaws, what exactly would you fix on the Mac Pro that makes the current eight-core version such a POS?

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