Apple iMac baptized by fire; still works

ModYourMac has the story of a rather amazing Apple iMac G5:

Modding with Fire

Notice that this Mac isn’t pristine white. Its yellow. Its black. Its gray and sooty. The plastic have [sic] bubbled and started to melt. Yes, that’s right. This Mac was caught in a fire! I came into work this morning, and this machine had somehow made it into our possession, post-customer. The shop folks were getting a good look at it, since Mac techs always enjoy a look at the extreme destruction that can befall one of MotherShip’s fine machines. Of course, with this unit’s life cycle ended, the guys just opted to leave it for the recycling pile.

I couldn’t let it go though. We can only imagine what this machine saw. How the room around it went up in flames. How, sitting on its desk, it was engulfed in an inferno and managed to still be upright. This machine had obviously made it through a baptism of fire, literally. But how well had it survived? I had to know.

Would this horribly thrashed and discarded machine, who sacrificed all to protect it’s hard drive, power on? And if it did power on, would it boot up? Yes. I had to know.

I went ahead and set the unit up on its own surge protector, just in case. I hooked up a keyboard, mouse, power and ethernet. The usual basics. Then, while compressing the warped back plate assembly, I pressed in the power button. I caught the sound of a fan spinning, a scent of burnt plastic, smoke and ash. Then, the unit elicited the famous Mac startup chime…

More, including many photos, in the full article here.


  1. Will somebody tell the author of the story that the damn Mac is not a living thing. Sheesh….I mean I love my Mac and everything but when I start to think that it has emotions too….then its time to lock me up and throw away he key.

    Anyone want to comment on my comment?

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