ZAGG releases invisibleSHIELD for Apple’s MacBook Air

ZAGG Inc. has introduced an invisibleSHIELD design for the MacBook Air, Apple’s newest portable computer.

ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD is a clear, thin adhesive film cover designed to protect high-performance electronic devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, gaming devices and laptops. The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD applies directly to the device, providing permanent protection and eliminating the bulk of other external case protectors. Its technology was originally used by the military to protect helicopter rotor blades from dust, dirt and debris. The invisibleSHIELD provides a level of protection so strong it is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

“We believe our invisibleSHIELD is the perfect protective solution for such a stylish and appealing laptop,” Robert G. Pedersen II, ZAGG’s CEO and President, in the press release. “It provides unbeatable protection while letting the gadget be ‘naked,’ as we like to say. Owners will be able to protect their MacBook Air and still show it off – as naked and pristine as the day it came out of the box.”

“We had a very promising experience at Macworld this year,” said Pedersen. “Apple really provided an opportunity for us to show off the invisibleSHIELD with the design and function of the MacBook Air. It will make a great addition to our product line, as well as appealing to the significant new contacts and connections we made at the show.”

ZAGG’s full catalog of over 2,000 invisibleSHIELD designs and more here.

Source: ZAGG Inc.


  1. stopped in the local apple store the other day to see the MBA. nice…. If I was traveling for work alot I would seriously consider it. When shop talking with the manager he told me that the 64 gig flash drive models are selling out as fast as they get them in. The regular 80 gig regular HD’s only spin at 4200 and aren’t generating much interest.

  2. Legally LIfetime guarantee is 25 years!!! so what happens in 30!!!

    but then again who will have a macbook air then!!! the design is cutting edget the specs are obsolete already!!!

    (where are ringtones for UK, still have shitty iphone ones)

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