Time to buy a new computer?  Consider Apple’s superior Macintosh

“If you plan to buy a new computer, do yourself a favor and at least consider buying a Macintosh,” Allan Hoffman reports for The Newark Star Ledger. “Though switching isn’t for everyone, it’s a lot easier now for a number of reasons:”

• Even diehard Windows users may be familiar with Apple products from using iPods, iPhones and the iTunes music software.
• The popularity of Web-based software, for everything from e-mail to photo sharing, means most computer users have ventured far beyond the confines of Windows. The jump to the Macintosh isn’t as much of a stretch.
• You probably know someone who uses a Macintosh. That’s important, as you want to be able to turn to others–friends, colleagues, or family members–when you hit a snag.
• For $99 a year, Apple now offers one-on-one training at its retail stores.

MacDailyNews Note: Don’t forget: Macs can also run Windows (natively via Apple’s Boot Camp and via inexpensive, fast virtualization from Parallels and VMWare), so you can continue to use your existing Windows software and replace it with Mac OS X versions over time.

Hoffman writes, “And why would you want to switch? I could go on and on, but let’s just say the Macintosh is easy to use, reliable, and delivers on its promise of stunningly simple and useful software. It’s also lots of fun, especially when it comes to working with movies, photos, and music.”

Hoffman writes, “To decide whether the switch is for you, just go to an Apple Retail Store, where you will be find free-to-use Macintosh computers, from slick notebooks to iMacs with humongous screens. Hang out at the store for as long as you want and try them out. Check your Web-based e-mail, assemble a movie, whatever — soon you’ll have an idea of whether a Macintosh is for you.”

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  1. This is a nice change from the days when all “civilian” Mac reviews ended with a sentence something like “So if you need a Macintosh computer, and don’t need any software, then this computer that says Macintosh on the front is a good Macintosh to get.”

  2. That’s the main difference for Apple between now and ten years ago when Steve Jobs first returned to Apple. Back then, typical Windows users would not even “consider” getting a Mac. The mass media would not advise readers to consider getting a Mac. Now, most Windows users buying a new system at least consider getting a Mac. Even if only one in ten end up getting a Mac, that’s 10 percent. Add that to the growing number of existing happy Mac users buying another Mac and you easily have 12% to 15% market share by 2009.

  3. This is horrible advice.

    No mention of the exorbitant cost, lack of games, dismal software selection and nonexistent support for two button mice on MACs. MACs just look pretty for smug people who use them as a fashion accessory at Starbucks. Whatever. Apple is only good at marketing.

    What good is $99 support when Apple will be out of business? I am perfectly happy with my Dell, and I saved money too. And that’s all that matters. It can play games and it has a wide variety of scalable fonts which came with the system. Besides, Vista is just like a MAC so what’s the point? Suck it, MAC losers.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. @ Tune Zang,

    Yeh yeh, I know, I’m a scouser and I understand sarcasm better than most, but I have to say that this particular quote is pathetic:

    “…nonexistent support for two button mice on MACs.”

    Dude, if you are a Mac user yanking our chains, it doesn’t work because we know the truth. If you are actually a scum sucking PC user, you should know that  solved the ‘2 button mouse’ problem years ago by using the beginnings of Multi touch technology, or to put it simply, tap two fingers on the track pad to bring up a contextual menu.

    Please people, don’t slate me. I know he might be taking the piss, but sometimes I just feel like I have to respond, if only to satisfy my own anger.

  5. Also, Apple has the best online help and documentation of any vendor I’ve every used. I advised a new switcher friend to read the help files and now she teaches me things I did not know (including on MACs if you get my drift ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />).

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