Major tech companies rise after Fed cuts rates

Shares of major technology companies including Apple Inc. rose Wednesday after the U.S. Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate by half a point to 3 percent. The Fed also cut the nation’s discount rate by a half-point.

Apple shoares (AAPL) are currently trading up $1.3399, or 1.02%, at $132.8799.

The reduction comes eight days after a 3/4 point cut, which followed a global sell-off amid fears of recession in the U.S.

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said in a brief statement Wednesday that ‘financial markets remain under considerable stress,’ opening the possibility of further interest rate cuts to boost the U.S. economy,” The Associated Press reports.

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  1. Aapl, please stay down for another day or two. Please. I am really trying to buy a few shares. All I ask is a day or two at most, then you can zoom all you want to. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  2. If your waiting for APPL to rise, don’t.

    The recession has just begun, then when it’s over the economy will stagnate for some time until the population increases, need new toys.

    Capitalism always needs new markets for it’s goods, unfortunatly the greatest market opening would be China.

    But then the Chinese Government isn’t playing fair.

    Thanks Clinton ASSHOLE for making them favored trade status. Now we all pay more for oil, basic metals, wood and everything else.

    Before the Clintons, the US consumed over 76% of the worlds resources to maintain our standard of living.

    Now we have competition from China and that has drove everything up skyhigh.

    There simnply not enough resources for all those Chinese to have a standard of living like a typical US resident.

    Something has to blow.

  3. Federal en central banks can’t play too much with their interest rates anyway… The danger of devaluation is right around the corner.
    Within few days there could juste be a 1 – 1 currency change between swissfranc and $! This would be historical!

  4. @Old Mac Man
    If Clinton was sooo bad… what can someone say about Bush? … Two assholes?
    Thats that guy who poored galons of oil on the fire you already had two towers down… now just follows the rest of the consequences!

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