Piper Jaffray reiterates ‘Buy’ rating, $250 price target on Apple Inc.

“Shares of Apple Inc. rose in premarket trading Tuesday, after Piper Jaffray said the company was in position to transform the portable music market into a portable computing market,” Tomi Kilgore reports for Thomson Financial.

“Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster reiterated his buy rating and $250 price target on the stock. Munster… expects the company to introduce cheaper, innovative iPods with Wi-Fi and multi-touch technology,” Kilgore reports. “‘We believe that the iPod touch is the first of several Internet-connected iPods that Apple is currently developing,’ Munster said in a research note, which include email and Web browser applications.”

Kilgore reports, “‘With 70% market share, we believe Apple is in the driver’s seat in terms of transforming the portable music market into a portable computing market,’ Munster said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Kimberly” for the heads up.]


  1. Finally an analyst that makes sense. iPhone and Touch has just touched the tip of the iceberg in usability cool software. The stuff that will come down the pipeline will just blow the doors out of the competition. They can try to imitate, but I think this, good enough, will not be able to break the iPhone/Touch momentum.

  2. No no no. You have to buy Microsoft. They had a record quarter for Zune sales. They sold 5 of them. 3 of them NOT to Zune Tang.

    Plus, they have this really cool table thing that is coming. Not sure when, but its gonna be huge…..er….in a lot of ways.

  3. I first bought AAPL back in 1999, because the investors lost confidence (strong sell rating) and I only wanted to support the company I care deeply for. I kept the stock throughout the early bumpy period, and it turned out to be an outstanding investment. Today, I just bought some more AAPL once again, but this time, it appears, analyses is more favourable. Who knows, what lies ahead this time around, I’m just doing my small bid. Having said that, here’s a humble suggestion, Mr. Jobs, please, innovate but don’t ‘gatekeep’ other innovators.

  4. A lot of the time after Apple keynotes or launches I read comments on sites saying that people are disappointed because there’s nothing revolutionary or innovative, just evolutionary. If this scenario plays out then I think Apple’s biggest innovation will be that they matured the personal computer by evolving their products. Home many other companies have tried handheld devices, upmc’s etc? How many have succeeded. Apple look like doing it without any real risk.

  5. We haven’t hit bottom yet with the US recession. In fact it’s just begun.

    I’ve been through a post real estate bubble recession. It’s not pretty.

    Computers are tools of the young and struggling.

    Old money doesn’t bother with them. Playing with their boats, cars and parties instead.

    Apple’s devices are toys for the young and rich. Which there isn’t too many of or tied up paying for a house they never can resell for what they paid for it.

    When the economy hits those folks, we will see another flood of mortage defaults.

  6. @Old Mac Man

    ‘Apple’s devices are toys for the young and rich.’

    You are entirely correct, sir. But, you have addressed your remarks to an audience that stupidly believes Steve’s toys are changing the world.

    Wall Street disagrees but that doesn’t matter to these guys. Hang on, you shall now be thoroughly trashed.

  7. Old Man and If Only, I’m 62, retired, and living on Social Security. That’s under $20k per year. I walk dogs to get closer to that number. That makes me “old” and “poor”. I also happen to be a Mac user. From what I hear, many others here are either not rich or not young.
    The Real Estate bubble is collapsing. It has a year or two to run before things generally start back up. The other down-turn is based mainly on the SocGen crash, when they dumped their bad investments on an unsuspecting market. That’s done. All but the ripples. This is a fine time for an “adjustment” – things aren’t too far out of whack … except for Real Estate.
    Your analysis is primarily INcorrect. The kids with their money tied up in their houses will get out from under … eventually. Or be foreclosed on. Many get in trouble by trying to get by on the cheap – borrowed money, nothing down, all that. Mac users generally recognize value as well as price. It helps keep them out of such troubles.

  8. these computers are too damn good…..I am coming up to the expiration of 3-year applecare on my g5 imac & see no reason to upgrade in the near future…..on the other hand i’ve bought a macbook & 2 ipods since getting the imac (1st apple since my iigs) and *everyone* i know is planning to buy a mac for their next computer….my students, who will be buying computers for years to come, use macs about 60/40 over windows machines.

  9. @DLMeyer,

    I wish I shared some of your optimism, but quite frankly, given my experience in business and economics, I think the worst has yet to come. Jobs are getting scarce. The market is extremely volatile – too many ups and downs. Foreclosures will pass record levels that were just established. And don’t forget gas prices, driving the cost of everything up. I hope and pray you are right for all our sakes – and that especially includes all retirees.

    What will happen is (as history has always proven in an election year) is that the current party in power will lose out in a year of recession. Like it or not, Obama or Clinton will be the next president. In just a few short weeks there has been a complete shift in focus in the eyes of the public away from the war and on the economy. When that happens, people will demand change. It happened with Jimmy Carter, with Bush Sr., and will happen with the GOP this time.

    One thing we are in agreement in is what value Macs really have. Two machines in one. The most powerful and well-built machines on the market. PC World even called the MacBook Pro the fastest Vista machine on the market! (and regardless what we all think of Vista, that says a lot.) So on that note, it is clear Macs are the best investments as far as computers are concerned.


  10. If Only…
    Wall Street cares about money, plain and simple. Don’t care where it comes from. It’s all green.
    Apple introduced us to mp3 players (anything around befor iPod, probably… just can’t think of any)
    Apple (and Microsoft) have introduced us to touch screen technology. Neither of them invented it.
    All phones will soon be touch screen.
    Hardly changing the world I agree but they are leading the pack and others are following.
    Why are you here on a Mac forum with that attitude?
    Or have I just been punked by a troll?

  11. Ferf…
    Exactly. Nobody realy gives a toss about the war realy, unless you’re stupid enough to join the military. I mean what do you expect, you get a cool uniform and look good and all that, but complain when you have to do your duty somewhere. Why sign up? At the end of the day people care more about their hip pockets (i.e. themselves)

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