Report: Apple lowers iPhone shipment projection for fiscal 2Q08

“Apple has lowered its projected shipments of iPhones from two million units to around 1-1.2 million units for the second fiscal quarter, which will end March 2008, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) quoted sources at Apple’s handset component suppliers in Taiwan as indicating,” Steve Shen reports for DigiTimes.

“Sales of iPhones in Europe have been lower than expected, pushing Apple to slash its shipment projection for the second quarter, the EDN quoted the sources as saying,” Shen reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Predictably, Wall Street is further punishing Apple shares over this Chinese report: AAPL is currently down $5.14, or -3.70% to $133.93 in NASDAQ trading.


  1. Hmmm…it could be Apple has decided to bring out a newer version of the iPhone sooner.

    I haven’t yet picked up any more shares of APPL since it’s fall the other day. Might be time to add some shares.


  2. Apple just had its conference call and sounded confident that they will meet their stated goal. So why punish the stock over some sketchy media report as opposed to listening to what’s coming from the horse’s mouth and quarterly reports? Push the stock in the $125-$130 range and I’ll definitely be adding more shares. Apples does sell more than just the iPhone, y’know.

  3. DigiTimes Is about as accurate as a Timex watch stuck to a 198,000,000 gauss magnet.
    After all this is hear say from a Chinese publication about a Taiwanese Company.
    That’s like during the coldwar believing Ukrainian Writer that bases a story on a USSR publication that Ford was cutting production due to poor sells of it’s F-150 Pick-up truck.
    Are you going to believe Ford or the Story form a Know bad source.

  4. Apple is susceptible to this kind of rumor now.

    The rumor-mongering about being below projections in some of their European markets, plus the fact that they have not announced any new operator agreements when it is almost February, does not help the situation.

    My belief is that a fair amount of operators in Europe have cut a deal with Apple, but have chosen to wait for the 3G version. This answers a few issues for them, namely,

    1) They do not have to further build out their EDGE networks to accommodate the 2G iPhone, only then not getting their investment back when the 3G iPhone is introduced shortly thereafter and which will not use the EDGE infrastructure.

    2) Valid or not, there are a lot of customers who know the 3G version is only a few months away, and may wait for that.

    So, lets hope Apple announces either some immediate deals with other operators pronto, or moves up the timetable on the release of the 3G version.

  5. Yet another attempt by f$@& stock brokers to scare naive people into selling and lowering AAPLs price.
    They do that, sale early at highest price, scare people, price drops, then buy back after lunch.
    See what has happened yesterday.
    They should be jailed.

  6. One other point.

    Apple usually does not respond to rumors, which is exactly how it should be in the PR world … up to a point.

    This rumor, if indeed false, not only aggravates the stock situation, but plays against Apple in ongoing negotiations with operators.

    It could be their advantage, in this special case, to deny the rumor. Understandable if they remain silent.

    But as a shareholder, I hate it.

  7. I agree, Helsinki. The lack of 3G is playing a big part.

    I don’t know what made Apple think they could take the iPhone around the world as a 2G device. Might work in America but it won’t in many other places where 3G infrastructure is actually pretty good.

  8. Phones are fashion items – no matter who makes them.
    Cool today, but fashion coolness becomes old news too soon.

    The Phone market is high turn over of something new and cool. Apple can´t bring out new fast enough.

    I predict another price cut coming in Feb., early March.
    Anybody in Europe seen any advertisements on TV for the iPhone lately?

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