Microsoft flip-flops: allows Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium virtualization

“Most people expect some flip-flopping in an election year, but not usually from their software vendor,” Ina Fried reports for CNET.

“Nonetheless, Microsoft on Monday changed its mind again, saying it will allow users to run Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium as guest operating systems on a virtual machine. The news is especially welcome for Mac users who want to run the latest Windows version without having to pay an arm and a leg. Until now, Mac users and others wanting to run Vista virtually have had to fork over for the most expensive Business and Ultimate versions,” Fried reports.

“Microsoft group product manager Patrick O’Rourke said in a telephone interview Monday: ‘Now is the right time, we believe, to make it easier for technical enthusiasts…to experience and see if virtualization is right for them,'” Fried reports.

Full article here.


  1. Microsoft doesn’t care where they get their cash from … cash is cash. So, if Mac users are buying XP for their Macs instead of Vista, why not plump up your Vista sales figures – and profits? – by giving them a more affordable Vista option? They have to sell those remaindered boxes somewhere!
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  2. well…all i can say is next time i see a wartime president or a 911 scenario im gonna buy gold and all the no bid contractors’ stock… ill be rich…oh and ill buy apple stock too cause they make great products…unlike some ppl i know. yay for preemptive strikes!!
    i say bomb the world cause its got it in for u!!! lets all kill each other preemptively!! oh and buy appl stock…

  3. Propaganda. Isn’t it easy to be someone’s shill?

    Apple flip-flops: releases iTunes for Windows

    Apple flip-flops: drops Firewire on iPod

    Apple flip-flops: releases video on iPod

    Apple flip-flops: ditches Apple Hi-Fi

    Apple flip-flops: allows variable pricing on iTunes

    Apple flip-flops: drops insistence that Fair-play DRM will contain piracy

    Apple flip-flops: lowers price on iPhone

    Apple flip-flops: issues store credit for early iPhone buyers

    Apple flip-flops: allows movie rentals on iTunes

    Apple flip-flops: allows AppleTV to access internet directly

    etc. etc. etc.

  4. a preemptive attack is a sucker punch and EVERYONE knows it…so NATO is a fucking NAZI aggressor….or more to the point…follows the same doctrine on war that the NAZIS did!!

    your potential. our passion.

    hows that for fuckin irony??

  5. I realize that Microsoft is making this move due to lagging sales of Vista, but I’m definitely still not interested. I’ll just continue to use the copy of XP Pro that I purchased back in 2001 for the few times I actually need to run Windows in Parallels.

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