iPhone 1.1.3: apps no longer run as root; iPhone ready for official installable apps

“So I’ve had the chance to examine the 1.1.3 firmware on a deeper level (using a technique not developed by me and which I can’t release so don’t ask) and have noticed some interesting changes behind the scenes that are quite blogworthy,” Nate True writes for cre.ations.net.

– SpringBoard no longer needs to be modified (via SummerBoard) in order to show extra applications in the /Applications folder.
– All applications now run as the user ‘mobile’ instead of as root.
– Preferences are now stored in /var/mobile rather than in /var/root.

“What does this all mean? I’ll tell you what it means,” True writes. “The iPhone 1.1.3 firmware is ready for official installable applications.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. Ballmer: no chance!

    But the iPhone (not even counting the iPod T) grabbed more market than all Windows Mobile machines combined, even before the platform opened up with an SDK.

    Ballmer: most expensive phone in the world!

    But it’s one of the cheapest smartphones when you match storage and plans, and other phones have cost a lot more for ages. Then the iPhone price dropped even lower!

    Ballmer: nobody wants it because it has a touchscreen and not a keyboard.

    But now Microsoft is showing off iPhone-clone vaporware as the “future”–with a touch keyboard ripped straight from the iPhone. Enjoy that in 2011 if ever.

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