iPhone 1.1.3: apps no longer run as root; iPhone ready for official installable apps

“So I’ve had the chance to examine the 1.1.3 firmware on a deeper level (using a technique not developed by me and which I can’t release so don’t ask) and have noticed some interesting changes behind the scenes that are quite blogworthy,” Nate True writes for cre.ations.net.

– SpringBoard no longer needs to be modified (via SummerBoard) in order to show extra applications in the /Applications folder.
– All applications now run as the user ‘mobile’ instead of as root.
– Preferences are now stored in /var/mobile rather than in /var/root.

“What does this all mean? I’ll tell you what it means,” True writes. “The iPhone 1.1.3 firmware is ready for official installable applications.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. Ballmer: no chance!

    But the iPhone (not even counting the iPod T) grabbed more market than all Windows Mobile machines combined, even before the platform opened up with an SDK.

    Ballmer: most expensive phone in the world!

    But it’s one of the cheapest smartphones when you match storage and plans, and other phones have cost a lot more for ages. Then the iPhone price dropped even lower!

    Ballmer: nobody wants it because it has a touchscreen and not a keyboard.

    But now Microsoft is showing off iPhone-clone vaporware as the “future”–with a touch keyboard ripped straight from the iPhone. Enjoy that in 2011 if ever.

  2. Meanwhile Wall Street is all focused on ipod unit growth… they’re thinking shuffles where we’re watching the dawn on a freaking new platform.

    Just pissed I bought more at $150 when they’ll be on offer for $130 tomorrow.

    But Apple is doing exactly what I thought they would… leveraging the ipod into a pocket sized mobile wireless platform. The possibilities are almost beyond comprehension. The killer apps are yet to be created. It is 1984 all over again.

  3. “The possibilities are almost beyond comprehension.”

    True but today it’s just a iPodCellphone with a slow data connection.

    If you want to get real work done you need a Windows Mobile phone or a Blackberry.

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