HTC claims 2 million sales of iPhony HTC touch

“High Tech Computer, the Taiwan based smart phone maker, has reportedly sold 2 million of the Microsoft-based mobile phones it developed to compete with the iPhone last year, the Touch family of handsets,” Anshu Shrivastava reports for TMCnet.

“HTC Touch made its debut last year in June, a few weeks ahead of the iPhone. The HTC Touch uses Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 software and has a touch screen that takes up most of its face, similar to the iPhone,” Shrivastava reports.

“At last week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco Apple CEO Steve Jobs said his company had sold 4 million iPhones since launch,” Shrivastava reports.

Full article here.

If there’s no accounting for fools, someone forgot to tell HTC and Microsoft.

Apple’s OS X-based iPhone:

Direct link via YouTube:

HTC’s Windows Mobile-based HTC Touch:

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  1. The big difference is that they had so many phones that were given free with a new account. If they actually tried to charge the premium price of the iPhone for one of these…it’d be far less.

  2. Great, they’ve managed about half that of the iPhone in over a greater period of time. And no word of whether this is US only or world wide (thus I will assume world wide sales).

    Color me unimpressed.

  3. I feel sorry for the suckers who bought into this piece of crap thinking it works like an iPhone. Just like the poor souls who got tricked into thinking the LG Voyager is a multi touch phone environment.

    Little to they know that yes it is touch at the first layer. Like skins on your OS, but in reality that is where any similarities end. The rest of the experience from the applications and the OS is pure Windows Mobile garbage. It’s not a new UI interface from the ground up. Its another WinAmp skin type for your phone.

  4. Has any one used one?

    It can’t be as bad as the clip, can it?

    people do not realize its the software, stupid!

    had diner the other night, and our friend was telling me how verizon was coming out with a “touch screen” phone, just like the iPhone.

    Just nodded

  5. @HotinPlaya

    Funny you should mention that. I was out to dinner with some friends the other night too and one of them mentioned that the iPhone can’t be “all that the hype says it is”. All I said was, “Dude, go down a couple of blocks to the Apple store and try one after we eat. If you don’t think it lives up to the hype by the time you are done, I will pay for your dinner.”

    He did. And he ended up paying for his own meal.


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  6. Having used all types of pda from treos moto p990i xda Exec and so on the only thing that i find a little bit of a pain is no user apps unless you hack if and when apple let the iphone free it will be a world better as of now its the best mobile comms device there is there a few bits missing to make it the best phone but its getting there .

  7. I tried the HTC Touch at a Sprint store a few weeks ago. Anyone who buys one has never “touched” an iPhone, because its functionality pales in comparison. The Touch interface is a mirage–basic, sluggish and confusing at best…90% of the interface is plain old stylus-directed Windows Mobile 6. The browser and media capabilities were limited and cumbersome in my time with the device.

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